102 – Out of Touch Trudeau, Paid Protesters and Immigration Fraud

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Canadians criticize Trudeau after visit to Oh Doughnuts bakery in Winnipeg

They dance away from it. They turn the article into an ad for a buy local. Which is weird.


16 dollar oj

Paid Protesters

‘Ashamed, embarrassed’: Burnaby woman says she was paid $150 to support Meng Wanzhou outside court


Man charged in fraudulent Sask. immigration scheme: CBSA

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    Deputy Prime Minister Doughnut……Chrystia Kreem. (Green frosting with lots of nuts and hollow in the middle.)

    “I’m going to get you my little pretty and your doughnut too, he he he.”


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    [QUOTE=”CanadaPoli-Admin, post: 26537, member: 1″][URL=’https://canadapoli.com/102-out-of-touch-trudeau-paid-protesters-and-immigration-fraud/’]Continue reading…[/URL][/QUOTE]
    With regard to the doughnuts, he has no idea about how people have to live. My mother still mentions his winter coat that would have cost thousands of dollars…

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    [QUOTE=”jcorvec, post: 26546, member: 31″]With regard to the doughnuts, he has no idea about how people have to live. My mother still mentions his winter coat that would have cost thousands of dollars…[/QUOTE]
    Our corrupt (I’m being nice here) leaders know exactly how we live. They are not ‘out of touch’. This speak is minimizing just how evil they are. We need to stop cradling them with soft words like, “oh that politician is just so out of touch with what people want” because that is not the case, not even close. Of course they do not listen to Canadians, they listen to globalist probably Satanic criminals who want to sit high up on the pecking order, rich and powerful and all the children they can eat. Sorry to be so graphic but we all need to wake up to this.

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    [QUOTE=”AV8TOR, post: 26558, member: 33″]What kind of doughnut does Sophia Trudeau like?

    Should ask ‘What kind of donut does JT like?’ and suggest it’s the penis-shaped one.

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