How Do I Get Access To the Full Show?

In order to get the full show you have to sign up on https://canadapoli.com/canadapoli-subscriptions/.  Any one of those will do. 
With the subscription on there you get access to a private rss feed which is just the full audio of the show. I upload it with the audio and it’s live before anything else (even locals).  

How Do I Get Just The Audio to a Podcast App?

The instructions can be found for that can be found here:
Essentially the rss feed needs to have the username / password used to login to canadapoli entered in the podcast app. Unfortunately spotify is not supported (they don’t allow private rss) but podcast addict and doggcatcher support it. I use doggcatcher and the private rss is hidden under “advanced” settings. Podcast addict has the option for username and password right in the feed subscription options.

Can I Get the Full Show on Spotify?

How to get 1.5 - 2x Speed on Streamable / CanadaPoli.com?

On desktop you right click and the speed option becomes clickable is displayed.

On mobile you can click the 3 dots in the bottom right. The speed is there NOT in the cog in the top right (i think top right). It’s the 3 dots in the bottom.