How Do I Get Access To the Full Show?

In order to get the full show you have to sign up on https://canadapoli.com/canadapoli-subscriptions/.  Any one of those will do. 
With the subscription on there you get access to a private rss feed which is just the full audio of the show. I upload it with the audio and it’s live before anything else (even locals).  

How Do I Get Just The Audio to a Podcast App?

The instructions can be found for that can be found here:
Essentially the rss feed needs to have the username / password used to login to canadapoli entered in the podcast app. Unfortunately spotify is not supported (they don’t allow private rss) but podcast addict and doggcatcher support it. I use doggcatcher and the private rss is hidden under “advanced” settings. Podcast addict has the option for username and password right in the feed subscription options.

Can I Get the Full Show on Spotify?

Sorry, not at the moment. When it becomes available I’ll add a subscription option that is the same price as the subscription on my site and locals to spotify. 

The Spotify app doesn’t even allow private rss feeds, so you can’t add it to spotify. Which is annoying. As soon as I can fix this, I will. 


How to get 1.5 - 2x Speed on Streamable / CanadaPoli.com?

On desktop you right click and the speed option becomes clickable is displayed.

On mobile you can click the 3 dots in the bottom right. The speed is there NOT in the cog in the top right (i think top right). It’s the 3 dots in the bottom.