106 – CPC Leadership + Bernier Twitter Round Up + Are We Really ‘Prepared’ For a Healthcare Emergency?

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‘We’re ready, we’re prepared:’ Toronto, Ontario public health officials on coronavirus

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    “I am proud of Canada because Canadians make me proud”. Good grief Mr. MacKay. What sort of childish statement is that?

    Which reminds me, I have heard that President Trump is much smarter and articulate than he comes off – that he is essentially ‘dumbing it down’ delberately so that the general populace of Americans can relate. Love him or hate him, it seems more and more politicians are taking his lead. MacKay’s comments for example.

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    Isn’t it obvious that the CPC is imploding itself on purpose? What kind of party pulls their leader after winning the popular vote and bringing an opposition leader down to minority government? Only one that is essentially as Maxime Bernier says one part of a multi-party state all controlled and working in concert.

    It is only going to get worse as cuckservatives dodge and weave trying to calculate a way to power, a victory that would be totally meaningless as they will do their masters bidding anyway.

    McKay? Ambrose? Other tired hacks? The party is going backwards. Is Harper going to run again?

    What a joke.

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