1076 Read My Lips. No. New. Taxes.

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Trudeau and assets in attack mode, dressed for a funeral he attacks Poilievre
Poilieve says read my lips. No. New. Taxes. Hurt into hope. Others have the opportunity he had.
WEF King Charles promoting green policies to enable fundamental economic transition
Gun crime and liberals are soft on crime
NZ will scrap all health mandates.

11 – Baby Cruz’s Birthday wishes
16 min English – anything is possible in Canada
17:19 – English – food prices and affordability. Human stories
18 – saving evaporated. Hurt into Hope. That is my mission.
19 – Inflation. Out of touch prime minister
Raise taxes
20 – carbon taxes
20:50 – Challenge to the PM – No New Taxes Pledge
22:29 – Woke Coalition – We’ll work with everyone but absolutely no new taxes
23 – National debt – laugh line
24:45 – pay as you go – want to spend a buck, save a buck somewhere
25 – energy production in Canada
25::15 – a government ruins the finances of it’s country, it ruins the lives of it’s citizens. Every dollar is paid for by the working class tax payer, gatekeepers. We know?
Hurt into hope. Every single Canadian to have the opportunities he had. State is servant and people are the masters.