115 – Licensing, Corona and Un-affordable Housing

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    [QUOTE=”CanadaPoli-Admin, post: 27206, member: 1″][url=https://canadapoli.com/115-licensing-corona-and-un-affordable-housing/]Continue reading…[/url][/QUOTE]
    Can govt stop someone from creating websites or commenting in the comments section? Do they take our devices away and block iur internet? Really, how are they going to cancel all this?

    And do 2.1% of flu sufferers die? Never heard that before.

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    [QUOTE=”CanadaPoli-Admin, post: 27206, member: 1″][url=https://canadapoli.com/115-licensing-corona-and-un-affordable-housing/]Continue reading…[/url][/QUOTE]
    Did you guys notice that the media and politicians seemed to think that only people in China could die from the coronavirus? I noticed that.

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    [QUOTE=”Cassius_Chaerea, post: 27233, member: 480″][SIZE=7][B]Hajdu: Feds initially hoped to transport Canadians out of Wuhan on allied flights[/B][/SIZE]

    Canada again can’t carry it’s own weight because of our shit Government, their corruption and ineptitude.

    Why is Canada funding Huawei with millions of our tax dollars? While Canadians rot in their jails? They threaten us with their nationals and people on our soil and are by proxy attacking freedom loving Chinese/Hong-Kong/Taiwanese/Tibetan/Uyghr Canadians, colluding with our Corrupt Commie Feds? If I was in charge I would crush those little shits so fucking fast and send them packing back to the Mainland. What is the RCMP and the BC Government doing to stop these little fuckers? Same with Doug Ford, John Tory etc for Toronto and Ontario?

    That’s right fuck all, I think it’s time for them to fucking realize who the fuck they work for, before it is too late for them.

    I wonder if all the ‘news’ in other countries just call everybody racist and constantly shame their citizens into going to Chinese restaurants? I don’t think the sheep are following those orders. If the Chinese people didn’t keep going back to China all the time, to spread the disease around, then intelligent people might not feel alarmed to be in their restaurants.
    Come on, go to Chinatown, they’re losing business, that’s all I hear on my tv.

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