196 – Release Prisoners To Go To Hotels? More NS Oddities and “Second Wave”

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Prisons? Long Term Care? Hotels?

Guelph Hotels
No Data


Prisoners Nowhere to go

Addictions homeless

Addiction a top cause of homelessness across Canada, but not always No. 1



Likely illegal guns?

Shooting up a fire hall

Evacuation centre peppered with bullets morning of Nova Scotia mass shooting

US citizens got a warning


Second wave?


Here now

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    [QUOTE=”CanadaPoli-Admin, post: 32710, member: 1″][url=https://canadapoli.com/196-release-prisoners-to-go-to-hotels-more-ns-oddities-and-second-wave/]Continue reading…[/url][/QUOTE]
    I finally looked up about herd immunity and didn’t know it meant “let people get infected and don’t try to control it and eventually things will calm down” or “vaccinate most of the people and eventually it’ll calm down”. And there’s no vaccine so I don’t know why that’s a possible definition? I didn’t know and thought it would be more sensible than that. Videos about Sweden doing ‘nothing’ came up and it’s really bad over there with deaths and cases since nothing has been implemented at all. Then they started Trump-bashing because he has annouced he thinks it’s terrible what they’re NOT doing in Sweden. Those Swedish citizens keep voting in that government though. Like here. Kill all the people or keep them prisoner in their homes they can’t pay for….

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    [QUOTE=”CanadaPoli-Admin, post: 32710, member: 1″][URL=’https://canadapoli.com/196-release-prisoners-to-go-to-hotels-more-ns-oddities-and-second-wave/’]Continue reading…[/URL][/QUOTE]
    We will be isolated , till all the waves are over , by that time there may be enough released criminals that we’ll want to stay in our homes

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    [QUOTE=”Cassius_Chaerea, post: 32731, member: 480″]And South America :p

    Did the 2 people dressed as RCMP show up before, during or after the shots at the firehall? Did the one that entered the building not say anything when they went inside, like call out? Very interesting.

    *ah I should have paid attention better, so they were there during and left after.

    Didn’t the post CdnGuy posted about this say a witness saw someone ducking between 2 cars at one point? So there was a shootout then.[/QUOTE]

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    [QUOTE=”Cdnguy, post: 32918, member: 5″][ATTACH=full]3036[/ATTACH][ATTACH=full]3037[/ATTACH][ATTACH=full]3038[/ATTACH][/QUOTE]
    It looks like that was ‘the shooter’ right there. So what were police doing going away? I still find there was more than one shooter (especially since people thought there were shots fired around Halifax recently again, although police could have been making it up so they’d look good for all their searching) or something being covered up. The whole thing stinks so I haven’t even watched any news stories or concerts abouf it.
    It could just be that the RCMP did such a poor job they’re trying to cover THAT up.

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    [QUOTE] Early controversies grew from its preoccupation with [URL=’https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Communism’]Communism[/URL] and the [URL=’https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Labour_movement’]labour movement[/URL][/QUOTE]


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    [QUOTE=”Cassius_Chaerea, post: 32950, member: 480″]Like they’ve done before?





    Sometimes they get their drunk vulnerable woman too.


    Or Kids

    [SIZE=5][B]Judge David Ramsey & RCMP pedophiles, Prince George, BC[/B][/SIZE]


    ^^^^ Seems they didn’t learn from the last time.[/QUOTE]
    The RCMP has been in trouble for harassing the women in their offices and being awful and mocking them or just sexually assaulting them. They’ll never ‘learn’. They’ve been sued for letting the 3 constables get shot and killed here a few years ago – now this Nova Scotia thing seems similar.

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    [QUOTE=”Cdnguy, post: 32984, member: 5″]try and make a “white” community patrol.[/QUOTE]
    There used to be one back in the day……..today that would be racist now though.


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    [QUOTE=”Cassius_Chaerea, post: 33003, member: 480″]There needs to be an independent commission into this.

    They destroyed/dumped the protective gear yet didn’t replace it? Right before all this happens?(Interesting timing), knowing this they send 16 tonnes of medical supplies to China? Then act all nonchalant when an outbreak happens here because they didn’t shut down incoming flights?

    So instead of shutting down incoming flights like the Harper Conservatives did during SARS, they wait and shut down the country instead, when they knew full well it worked last time. They Participate in something like “Event201” etc.? Deaths lower than expected/fitting with previous years pneumonia deaths etc.. Pathogens leaving Canada’s National Microbiology Lab, locking up Seniors to die in close proximity with one another yet releasing Prisoners?

    Coincidence? I’m starting to think not.


    [I]Several of them, who asked not to be identified for fears of retribution, say there have [U][B]always been questions[/B][/U] about [B]Qiu’s trips to China[/B] — and what information and technology she was sharing with researchers there.

    “[B]I[/B][U][B]t’s not right that she’s a Canadian government employee[/B][/U][B][U] providing details of top-secret work and know-how to set up a high-containment lab for a foreign nation[/U][/B],” one employee said.

    The staff member [B][U]claims RCMP officers have [SIZE=6]not yet interviewed [/SIZE]key people at the lab, because senior management has not made them accessible to police or allowed staff to contact them with relevant information.[/U][/B][/I]

    I missed that before, so not only was she a foreigner, but she also WORKED for the Government of Canada – yet another example of why no foreigner should be able to hold a job in OUR Government.


    [I]But this March that same lab[B][U] shipped samples of the henipavirus family and of Ebola to China[/U][/B], which has long been [URL=’https://www.nationaldefensemagazine.org/articles/2019/7/23/defense-officials-see-increased-threat-from-chinese-russian-chembio-weapon’]suspected of running a secretive biological warfare[/URL] (BW) program.[/I]

    [I]China strongly denies it makes germ weapons, and Canadian officials say the shipment was part of its efforts to support public-health research worldwide. Sharing of such samples internationally is relatively standard practice.
    But some experts are raising questions about [B][U]the March(2019) transfer,[/U][/B] which appears to be at the centre of a shadowy RCMP investigation and dismissal of a top scientist at the Winnipeg-based NML.[/I]

    [I]“I would say this Canadian ‘contribution’ might likely be counterproductive,” said Dany Shoham, a biological and chemical warfare expert at Israel’s Bar-Ilan University. “I think the Chinese activities … are highly suspicious, in terms of exploring (at least) those viruses as BW agents. “[/I]


    [I]Asked if the possibility of the Canadian germs being diverted into a Chinese weapons program is connected to other upheaval at the microbiology lab, [B][U]Public Health Agency of Canada spokeswoman Anna Maddison said this week the agency “continues to look into the administrative matter.”[/U][/B][/I]


    [I][U][B]The agency divulged last week that it sent samples of Ebola and henipavirus[/B][/U] — which includes Nipah and the related Hendra — t[B]o China in March(2019).[/B] It was meant for virus research, part of the agency’s mission to back international public-health research, a spokesman said.[/I]

    [B]^^^^^^^^^ So not only were things stolen WE – as in THE CANADIAN GOVERNMENT – AS IN TRUDEAU'S LIBERALS – Allowed them to be [I]sent, [/I]and for how long since 2015 when Turdy got in? Was this the only time?[/B]

    [I]Last month, an acclaimed NML scientist — [URL='https://nationalpost.com/news/canada/dismissal-and-investigation-by-rcmp-of-winnipeg-co-inventor-of-ebola-drug-stuns-colleagues'%5DXiangguo Qiu[/URL] — was reportedly escorted out of the lab along with her husband, another biologist, and members of her research team. [B]The agency said it was investigating an [U]“administrative issue,[/U][/B][U]” [/U]and had referred a possible policy breach to the RCMP. [U][B]Little more has been said about the affair.[/B][/U][/I]


    When you take all of that above together, and I'm sure there is more, it's just far too many "coincidences".[/QUOTE]
    You explain what has happened so well all in a nutshell in your 1st and 2nd paragraphs. I can't help but think of all of the people in my area who live to buy junk at Dollarama and it's all made in China. So if Trudeau gets passed some money from China, the people who just buy all this junk (and there's also everything we 'need', like xmas decorations, bought everywhere else that is made in China) who are making it more possible. I'm just saying it, but we all need to buy some of these products and some are necessities, and that it's our country(Trade ministers and politicians) that did this to all of us, where we have no industry of our own in Canada.
    I always remember about Cdnguy posting that info about the many MPs that have ties to foreign countries.
    And furthermore, couldn't the Chinese government have wanted this to happen so they could become even more powerful, or stronger countries could be made weaker? I think they would have been willing to sacrifice lives to do it.

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    [QUOTE=”AV8TOR, post: 32997, member: 33″]There used to be one back in the day……..today that would be racist now though.

    We should have jeeps with ‘patriot’ patrols. Then they’d be getting the sheeple terrified on MSM, saying the patriot patrols are the KluKlux Clan.

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    [QUOTE=”Cassius_Chaerea, post: 33031, member: 480″][URL]https://nypost.com/2020/04/25/man-arrested-on-attempted-rape-days-after-being-released-from-rikers-island/[/URL][/QUOTE]

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    [QUOTE=”Cassius_Chaerea, post: 33031, member: 480″][URL]https://nypost.com/2020/04/25/man-arrested-on-attempted-rape-days-after-being-released-from-rikers-island/[/URL][/QUOTE]
    No woman or man is safe now. Horrifying. I wonder what has become of the guy from Ghana who dumped the buckets of suit and lies on university students in Toronto a few months ago?

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    [QUOTE=”jcorvec, post: 33045, member: 31″]No woman or man is safe now. Horrifying. I wonder what has become of the guy from Ghana who dumped the buckets of suit and lies on university students in Toronto a few months ago?[/QUOTE]
    He’s selling toilet paper on eBay making a fortune. He did it with a government grant from Trudeau. :LOL:

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    [QUOTE=”Cassius_Chaerea, post: 33031, member: 480″][URL]https://nypost.com/2020/04/25/man-arrested-on-attempted-rape-days-after-being-released-from-rikers-island/[/URL][/QUOTE]
    Why are they saying only the low-risk inmates were released? I think it should come back on the ones letting them out tenfold.

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    [QUOTE=”jcorvec, post: 33047, member: 31″]Why are they saying only the low-risk inmates were released? I think it should come back on the ones letting them out tenfold.[/QUOTE]
    I have a better idea. Only release inmates that have a sponsor and place to go. House arrest (quarantine) and wear a monitor. If they bail or get into trouble put them back in jail with the sponsor. It’s like making parents responsible for their kids…….OH we don’t do that anymore.


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    [QUOTE=”AV8TOR, post: 33050, member: 33″]I have a better idea. Only release inmates that have a sponsor and place to go. House arrest (quarantine) and wear a monitor. If they bail or get into trouble put them back in jail with the sponsor. It’s like making parents responsible for their kids…….OH we don’t do that anymore.

    Those ‘parents’ are disrespectful themselves. They are too lazy to discipline or teach the kids and shove the kids off to great grandparents to take care of for free. I often try to picture what these wannabe yuppies do when they get rid of their kids…sit around eating junk watching reality shows about blacks who cannot speak English or drag queens?

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