263 – Cronyism and Trudeau, Cities Buying Up Hotels and Celebrate 3 Years of Tam

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  1. [QUOTE=”AV8TOR, post: 38938, member: 33″]WE charity will direct the funds where Trudeaus says to direct the funds.
    It’s what foundations do.[/QUOTE]
    Trudeau would never give a shit about any kids that are being taken advantage of.

  2. Oxymoron warning: “Paid Volunteers”

    Only the Liberal Government could come up with that. The sad part is most Canadian believe it



  3. [QUOTE=”CanadaPoli-Admin, post: 38923, member: 1″][URL=’https://canadapoli.com/263-cronyism-and-trudeau-cities-buying-up-hotels-and-celebrate-3-years-of-tam/’]Continue reading…[/URL][/QUOTE]
    I want to say that this government’s UNWILLINGNESS to address the virus problem was what led to the cases and deaths, and then subsequent (unnecessary, I add) shutdown of the economy, not their INABILITY to address the problem.

  4. [QUOTE=”jcorvec, post: 38956, member: 31″]INABILITY to address the problem.[/QUOTE]
    Mixed, IMO. they made sure our stockpiles were empty. So yes, they created the inability. Malicious.

  5. [QUOTE=”CanadaPoli-Admin, post: 38964, member: 1″]Mixed, IMO. they made sure our stockpiles were empty. So yes, they created the inability. Malicious.[/QUOTE]
    I know, it’s like when I put a meme on here about Trudeau being incompetent or stupid but someone replies that he darned well knows what he’s doing. It’s such a toss-up sometimes.
    A case can be strongly made in both areas.
    I sound crazy but I sense the evil in Trudeau and Tam. And some other Libs.

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