43 – Phenomenal Meeting Between Ford and Trudeau and China – Did You See That 60 Min?

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Ford and Trudeau meeting

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    [QUOTE=”Cassius_Chaerea, post: 23647, member: 480″]Thus why there shouldn’t be any political dynasties.[/QUOTE]

    Maybe you think there shouldn’t be but there always will be. Voting doesn’t remove that. Also I have no problem with political dynasties as long as they aren’t elected.

    [QUOTE=”Cassius_Chaerea, post: 23647, member: 480″]Aristocracy died in France[/QUOTE]

    No it didn’t and the French Revolution was a mistake of monumental proportions.

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    Canada Poli should definitely review some useful history books, for starters “Churchill, Hitler & The Unnecessary War” by Pat Buchanan. We didn’t fight the second world war for any such thing (freeing people from camps), that is the official (post-war) propaganda for the war. It was fought to bring about the Marxist collective security system that has been in place ever since. Canada is being told what to do about its culture every day. They call it “The Cultural Revolution” when it happens in China but it’s just business as usual when it happens at home.

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    [QUOTE=”Cassius_Chaerea, post: 23764, member: 480″][MEDIA=youtube]Cvpt7CzovMc[/MEDIA]

    As for “Aristocracy”, whether “Royal” or “Imperial” or “Mercantile”, et al. Well it did “die” in a sense at the time, but now it’s really gonna die.[/QUOTE]

    And how? The only way I see that happening is with “real” communism, which is impossible and trying to achieve it only results in tons of dead people.

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    Well mate, if you want to get anywhere you are going to have to wipe the holocaust brainwashing from your head. Period. 6 million Jews WERE NOT GASSED IN CHAMBERS. PERIOD.

    The 1st and 2nd world wars cannot be understood unless the real roots are understood. That being said let’s get a primer here just to put a few basics on the table:

    Now that we’ve set the stage (though Ozzy didn’t actually write the lyrics), when he talks about Satan, was he on to something or is this just nonsense? You must determine whether you believe in God or not. As the individual cannot determine anything without a solid grip on this question so go the hopeless lost nation states of the west today, unable to answer the 1st most fundamental question.

    Next up, a primer that will fill in all the blanks. I’ve been sniffing a rat for sometime, and with Farage doing his deal with the devil I knew the betrayal of Brexit was officially at hand but I could figure out exactly what their angle is:

    Subsequently, here is a page that provides many many great videos and other links that will provide the essence. Take your time here:

    Stand back and look at what has been done by WHOM to WHOM in 100 years:


    The hours are few. No more time to piss around. I pray you God will remove the scales from YOUR eyes.

    PS Trump is a Trotskyite. The gatekeepers give you just enough meat to stir your nationalism, but not enough for you to understand who is really pulling the strings……

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