55 – Throne Speech, Reactions and More!

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Indiginous reconciliation

1:36: – on board same planetary spaceship (really?)

Global issues know no borders

1:37 – call for unity

1:38 –

1:40 – regional needs are important all of a sudden?

1:41 – climate change

Science has been clear for decades? No it has not.

1:42 – net zero

1:44 – 2 billion trees

1:45 – tax cuts for all but the most wealthy

Affordable housing

1:45 – before and after school care, and reduction in cell phone bills by 25%

1:46 – supply management

1:47 – make it easier to start a business

1:47 – reconciliation

1:49 – UN rights of indiginous peoples will be implemented ASAP

1:50 MMWAG mentioned for “justice”

1:52 – gun laws, handgun bans and more. They will move forward and give cities the ability to ban hand guns

1:54 – opiates crisis – pharmacare

1:55 – military spending, mental healthcare support, veteran homelessness

1:56 – development and ethical use of AI – since when is that a government duty?

1:57 – they will continue to pursue the seat on the UN security council

1:58 – you can raise the bar on what politics is like in this country?

1:58 – universal dental care?

1:58 – fighting money laundering is an idea from another party?


Throne Speech – 1:30h

CBC on the throne speech

Carbon Offsets work?

Scheer is insulted

So is Jagmeet

Bernier sees the same issues i do


Food prices

Ice Age

50 year old climate models

Pro-liberal survey