626 – Charter Violations, Inflation, Cultural Attacks, Vax and Passports and More

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    Good morning Mark.

    My name is Chuck Black.

    I edit the Freedom Forum News website (https://www.freedomforumcanada.com)/ where you can find samples of my work. My resume is available online at https://www.linkedin.com/in/chuckblack?originalSubdomain=ca.

    I interviewed you in October 2020 for a previous website I worked on (http://acuriousguy.blogspot.com/2020/10/media-sucks-but-mark-paravolos-canpoli.html) and used the knowledge gained though that interview to develop “The 6th Estate,” a show focused on alternative media personalities, the work they do and how that work contrasts with legacy media coverage.

    Samples of recent “6th Estate” programs are available online at https://www.freedomforumcanada.com/tags/6th_estate.

    I’d like to invite you on the show sometime over the next month to give an update on some of your previous comments from the October 2020 interview. We usually record the program at the ThatChannel production facility in downtown Toronto every Tuesday beginning at 12 noon and you’d be welcome to attend in person or connect via Zoom for the interview.

    Think of it as being mostly like the previous interview, but with better production values.

    I hope you’ll consider being a guest on the show and look forward to your response.

    Chuck Black

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    INFLATION! Well here it comes! They force the inflation rate to rise so high that the citizens of a nation cant afford diddly and then along comes government (The New World Order) and bails you out of expenses so you can afford food barley. In this they take over all assets and you become dependent on Government which they can decide if your worth while. We will be in a very bad place soon. As far as Pakistan, I have been there working and racist, they are some of the most racist peoples I know, as I stood out as a Honky, so was discriminated against instantly as a non Muslim, non Pakistani.

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