63 – PM in Everything But Title, But She’s the Deputy PM – And More!

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    Liberal gun control is not about gangs in Toronto and Vancouver, it’s about disarming the population. The excuses of combating gang violence used by government is to get the people to support what they are doing. Disarming the population is part of the process of turning a country into a dictatorship.

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    [QUOTE=”Cdnguy, post: 24572, member: 5″]or a real cnc machine with the right files……….

    Everyone will have to buy guns from the black market like most of everyone else who has guns. Better turn in our guns that are protection for us and get used to the idea of looking into the back of a van in an alley…..

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    Mark , you are a very intelligent man . But , you get so frustrated with Trudeau , how what he does doesn’t make sense. Mark it doesn’t make sense , because you aren’t seeing the big picture. This is all going exactly the way they want it to go.You suggested that having family help raise your kids instead of the “state”. Really Mark , come onhow would they get their sex,climate agenda brainswashing in place if our families are raising our children

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