65 – SNC Verdict, Morneau Meeting & Update and Radicalized Airport Workers + Food Rationing

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SNC Verdict

Morneau Meeting

Liberals’ fiscal update shows billions more in deficits this year and next

ISIS Airport workers

Food Rationing

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    [QUOTE=”CanadaPoli-Admin, post: 24662, member: 1″][url=https://canadapoli.com/65-snc-verdict-morneau-meeting-update-and-radicalized-airport-workers-food-rationing/]Continue reading…[/url][/QUOTE]
    About the rationing, my husband and I have never been on welfare but have always been low-income. My husband loves meat and must eat it at suppertime. I hope this ‘rationing’ doesn’t happen for a long time… They shouldn’t assume that rich people eat a lot of steak and can afford it and don’t care…. A lot of people work hard physically and need to sustain their bodies and also, working men get hungry and meat fills them up.

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