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7 Days Until Trudeau Signs the Global Compact – Maxime Asks About It in QP

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December 3 Question Period – On global compact on migration

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Nigerians Accessing Handouts
Majority of illegal migrants to Canada in 2018 are Nigerians with U.S. travel visas

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People’s Party Newsletter
Here’s the latest news from the People’s Party of Canada.

EDAs established across the country

Pundits were saying it was impossible. But we’re doing it! It’s only been two and a half months since our party was launched by Maxime Bernier, on September 14, but we’ve made tremendous progress since then.

The People’s Party now has almost 33,000 members, and about 260 interim Electoral District Associations (EDAs) have been established. We expect to have all 338 EDAs set up in the coming weeks.

If you are a member of an interim EDA board of directors, you should have received a memo explaining what can and needs to be done until the party and your EDA are officially registered by Elections Canada. Among the priorities is selling more memberships to make sure that your EDA gets even bigger and stronger and can count on more volunteers to help you spread the PPC message until the elections next October.

Leader’s Tour

Our leader Maxime Bernier has been touring the country and holding rallies in different cities. He first went to Vancouver, Calgary, Toronto and Gatineau. This past week, he was in Winnipeg and Saskatoon. Hundreds of supporters went to each of these rallies to listen to his message about doing politics differently.

You can watch his Winnipeg speech here.

If you haven’t seen them, here are some interesting interviews and reports on local media about his visit to Winnipeg and Saskatoon:
‘Mad Max’ revs new national party’s engines
MAN OF THE PEOPLE: Bernier promises big change for Canadian politics
‘A breath of fresh air’: Maxime Bernier holds 1st Manitoba rally since forming Canada’s newest federal party
Maxime Bernier claims People’s Party of Canada true conservative choice
Bientôt des candidats partout au Manitoba pour le nouveau parti de Maxime Bernier
The next rallye will take place in Quebec City on December 6. Check the details here.

Question Period

Parliamentary rules allow PPC leader Maxime Bernier to ask one question about every ten days during Question Period. He recently asked the government a question about C-69, a bill that will make the construction of pipelines and other major projects even more difficult (see here) and another question about the Global Compact on Migration, a dangerous UN treaty that Canada is about to sign whose objective is to normalize mass migrations (see here).

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Let’s continue to work for Freedom, Responsibility, Fairness and Respect!

Thank you for your support,

The PPC Team

Maxime Bernier, Independent MP, Beauce.
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