72 – CPC Leadership Contenders, “Lone Wolf” and Financial News

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    [QUOTE=”CanadaPoli-Admin, post: 25158, member: 1″][url=https://canadapoli.com/72-cpc-leadership-contenders-lone-wolf-and-financial-news/]Continue reading…[/url][/QUOTE]
    Poilievre is the only decent contender but I don’t think voters will ‘take to’ him enough. Better than Howdy Doody Scheer and ‘in a snit’ Rempel and horrible ‘wide neck’ deformed and ‘in a worse snit’ Ambrose. Poilievre is the most earnest one. The public would take to McKay more, I think. I get a feeling that people are very turned off the Conservatives…. They don’t like them at all, I think, even though many Cons care about the deficit, at least. Not too much good to say about any of parliament.

    And the Middle Easterner who’s getting catered to is the one who stormed into the Army Office on Yonge St and stabbed one or 2 people, in the name of Allah/Islam, isn’t he? Poor thing. Maybe we should all send banana leaves to his food bank.

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    [QUOTE=”Cassius_Chaerea, post: 25159, member: 480″]LOL. Wait until all those people (and more that are coming) start to become a burden instead(if they aren’t already).


    400 homes in 3 years(just for habitat for humanity)! LOL – 560,000 people (I’d say that’s a lowball – let’s not forget Foreign Students, Temp Workers etc.) 560,000 people is like 2 Kitchener Waterloo’s a year.


    Where are all these people going to go? How many more gangs are going to spring up? How many more potential terrorists making happy fireworks in their basements?

    Fake, artificially inflated “growth” is all this is – and it’s damaging our country in so many ways – $$ and votes matter more though so… It’s not like the Conservatives would be any different in this respect, perhaps less freedom eroding communism, or, just slower application of it.[/QUOTE]
    They already turfed old-stock Canadians out of some low-rentals in my city when the first wave of Syrians landed…and put the Syrians in them…. I figure the Syrians have moved to Toronto by now.

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    [QUOTE=”AV8TOR, post: 25220, member: 33″]”New comers come before old stock Canadians”[/QUOTE]
    Diversity approved post.✊

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    [QUOTE=”Cdnguy, post: 25231, member: 5″]Diversity approved post.✊[/QUOTE]
    Yesterday and today there are 2 special photos and videos on CP24 where ‘police are looking for the public’s help’ in finding 2 violent offenders and they are extremely scary black guys who have done unspeakable things in Toronto area…one has a Caribbean accent.and ruined the gas attendant’s face when he robbed the gas station..and the other violently attacked women a lot of times in a park, of course. This is nothing new, we know. To me, it’s not the gun violence that’s the worst; it’s the attacks and rapes and beatings and shitting in public, etc etc etc. that are out of control.

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