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LILLEY: Border loophole opens backdoor to more irregular migration

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  • February 2, 2019
Does it really matter who is in government? REMEMBER THE ALBERTA ADVANTAGE? Albertans have figured out the advantage is for the people across Canada who come to Alberta to steal our lively hoods. Half of the province is out of work, half of Canada is here taking our jobs, and where does all the money go that Alberta gives to provinces that are have-nots for equalization to help put them to work.
Alberta needs to stop equalization payments to any province who opposes our pipeline East. Turn the Gas and Oil off to the West (BC) and above all enough is enough, Alberta needs to EXIT confederation. Lets call it ALBREXIT.
Let the people of Alberta decide what happens with THEIR province. We could call this democracy. OHHH but, I forgot when you allow parties to have whips to control the decisions by MP's and MLA's, WE DON"T HAVE DEMOCRACY ANYMORE. SEPARATE ALBERTA, SEPARATE AS FAST AS YOU CAN!!!!!!!!!!

By the way, can anybody resurrect Ralph Klein? He at least took care and watched out for the people of his province.
Notley bucks, NOT likely. Stop the wine, NOT likely, Turn off the oil to the west, NOT likely. ALBREXIT- HOPEFULLY.