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Abortion Private Members Bill – Protection of Pre-Born Children Act

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1:59 – Private Members Bill – Not Tied to Bernier or People’s Party Platform

2:59 – website intro

3:51 – Laura Lynn Intro

5:20 – Contentious and difficult issue. There are factions of our society who refuse to accommodate an alternate opinion than pro choice. But we regard the sanctity and priceless value of life as deserving the sacrifice needed to see the advancement of protections for the vulnerable.


6:05 – core heritage of our nation carries with it the dignity and preservation of human life. We regard our offspring as immensely precious to our advancement and to a sophisticated culture.

6:45 – we will not compromise our fight for the safeguarding of all human life

6:55 – what is and is not legal with respect to abortion
No abortion law in Canada

7:22 – 1988 morgantaller decision we have had no law on abortion in Canada.

7:50 – late term abortions
Late term abortion exported
Some canadian doctors abstain due to conscience rights

8:27 – stats for late term abortions and US

8:55 – several dozen Canadian patients per year

9:20 – funding from provincial governments

9:34 – the supreme court said – the state has a compelling interest to defend the unborn.

9:50 the judges expected parliament to replace the struck down law with one that would pass the test of fairness. Since then no one has acted.

10:33 – The bill written will be debated for this election campaign

10:50 – that will result in the legislated end to late term abortion in Canada

11:10 – CPC was invited to join PPC Candidates – they did not join.

11:55 – viable pre-born canadian babies from being killed in late term abortions?

12:41 – Bernier allowing for debate to take place

13:00 – Paul takes the stage
Disappointed that CPC didn’t join today

15:06 – Not an end to legal abortion, Isn’t a bill that tries for perfection. Does not answer when human life begins.
Hope to find common ground.
Very reasonable
Reasonable limits to behaviour and protecting society and our citizens

15:50 –
Limit legal availability of abortion to the first 24 weeks. At 25 weeks baby is viable.

Our Bill will defend viable pre-born babies where the mother isn’t in danger and there has been no criminal cause of the pregnancy.

16:20 – every other developed country has a law that protects the pre-born.

17:00 – 24 weeks is a long time to decide if they will take their baby to term.
18:48 – Questions

Why do we need a law? Why not leave it up to the parents?

21:33 – Why now?
Why are you dividing the vote between liberals and conservatives

24:15 – why the timing of the pregnancy – life is precious, who can determine when

Bringing forward a bill seeking common ground.

27:30 – Christian Heritage Party Shout out

27:55 – I think your timing is right for this and I support it.

29:75 – will there be any funding toward pregnancy or funding toward the babies
Reluctant to getting government funding

31:33 – A comment on ‘what to do with the babies that are born to women who don’t want them’

32:33 – 3 countries with no law, china, canada and north korea

32:58 – all the way back to conception – but it cuts off
Global news
How the wave of U.S. restrictions will affect Canadian women sent there for abortions




Protection of Preborn Children Act (proposed)

SC Decision

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