Andrew Scheer in bed with Dairy Farmers. Vive la gratuit Lait! Vive La Revolution!

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From and SEO perspective the title of my video is awful. But, from a comedy perspective, it’s amazing.

Let’s watch as Andrew Scheer convinces us that he’s completely compromised and has no hope of retaining leadership of the CPC…or okay, maybe he keeps leadership of CPC, but if he does he loses or stays as Official Opposition to Max.

Here we go!

This is fine! Fine. FINE.
Remind you of hlilary clinton?

Max introducing the controversy

Matthew Bexte –
Spent thousands to vote on supply management. Couldn’t.

Max linking Terence Corcoran re dairy cartel

Corcoran’s Article

Paul Bakhmut – Dairy cartel names

Scheer with Pierre Lampron

Letter from Jacques Lefebvre

Ipolitics link

Scheer having a big glass of milk
Sad songs and waltzes