Andrew Scheer Speaks At Ontario PC Convention – A Look At The Speech

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Scheer Speech November 17 2018

Max’s Tweet

-carbon tax seems to be a big line

4:00 – large debt run up by liberals (150 billion in 15 years)
5:40 – getting to know scheer
6:50 – video introduction?
8:40 video ends

9:00 – Scheer takes stage

10:30 – McGuinty Wynne (tying into butts)

13 – fiscal responsibility – Ontario is open for business

13:20 – high the stakes are –

14:50 – we are beating Justin Trudeau and we will defeat him one year from now?

15:50 – have them on the run, house of commons during question period is JT’s least favourite place in Canada

16:00 – out fundraised the liberals

16:30 – Keeps speaking in french. Does he know he’s in Ontario?

17:00 – Beating them in fundraising – 2 to 1
– beating them in by elections

18:00 – legacy of failure
Failure to help middle class
Failure to run ethical government
To create growth and prosperity

Consequences of those failures joke

18:40 – Ethics
19:01 – “Trudeau’s liberals under investigation since 2015”

19:15 – put an end to the sleazy and self serving politics of the liberals and give Canadians a government they’ll be proud of again

19:30 – inherited a balanced budget + booming global economy
Massive Deficits, that’s what he did with it
Inter-generational theft – wrong

20:47 – what do we have for it? Never has a government spent so much to achieve so little
21:10 -fiscal house in order, fair to taxpayers

21:30 – fiscal sanity, job number 1 getting rid of carbon tax

Revenue plan
Difference between a price and a tax. Conservatives will scrap it.

23:00 – price on pollution, largest emitters get break on tax breaks to ‘not kill jobs’

25:00 – Close by asking something of you guys

28:31 – frustrating having cons cut a tax and have liberal raise it