Andrew Scheer – You are a Liar and a Globalist – My Breakdown of the Convention Speech.

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2:50 conservative vision for Canada 1:40 – United Conservative Party 3:05 – First ever political convention for a lot of attendees – Do you think that makes them realize that THEY are the important part. That room is empty, you have nothing to work on or with Scheer. 5:26 – didn’t win by compromising….we earned it. True to conservative principles. But he hasn’t really outlined how he’d govern. It was a protest vote. This part is to show how the beginning of the speech went. What has trudeau done to ‘real’ people. Meant to relate to the viewers. Offers no real solutions to the problems here. 8:00 – Carbon Tax 9:00 – i’m so sorry i voted liberal. Pretty funny. Not all that funny. 10:00 Small business owner trusted Justin Trudeau. He failed her and everyone. 10:55 – Justin Trudeau has no idea what any canadian middle class family is going through because of him. 11:05 – Doesn’t understand the problems faced and doesn’t know how to fix them. But I do. (Then he talked about his family for a while) How Andrew Will Fix the issues Still telling stories here 17:40 – John A Macdonald Shout out and Speaking out against removal of statue Then he talks about liberal prime ministers faults. I don’t like this so much. He recovers though. 20:00 – Leadership ‘You’ve got to beat these guys’ 21:55 – He talks about how bad liberals are. 22:50 – talking about ethics violations of liberals and the fact that the rules don’t apply to them 23:55 – Taxes keep going up. Andrew says he’ll drop federal income tax 25:20 – Gas prices 26:30 – Talks Trade war and vows to continue to fight trump. He is not anti free trade. He offered a fully free trade agreement, but Trudeau said no to get the anti trump votes. This stinks. 27:40 – opening new markets. Meetings with UK and India to work on relations 29:30 – 2 income tax forms for Quebec. 30:40 – Justin Trudeau = tiny deficits 31:50 – No more deficits, balanced budget (but no timeline) 32:25 – Carbon tax, environment. Talks about growing industry. 33:15 – China vs Canada aluminium manufacturing difference (canada is more efficient) 34:20 – Carbon Tax 34:45 – Shout out to Doug Ford 36:50 – Carbon tax reduced on foreign oil, but canadians still need to pay it? 39:10 – thousands to cross the border illegally from USA. Failure has real consequences etc 40:15. I won’t let liberals claim a monopoly on compassion. 40:22. 40:22 – Diversity Jt – diversity is our strength “Diversity is a product of our strength. Our strength is and always has been our freedom” 42:30 – Unity in our diversity. 43:13 – Political correctness Smearing and name calling 44:15 – talking specifically of quebec 44:28 – 2 parties. Are more than enough. A good party and a bad party. Enough already. Really? 47:00 – link quebec in Canada. We need quebec, CPC needs quebec. 53:15 – this is what Conservative party has to offer: 54:17 – energy east back to the table 54:45 – his conservative vision.