Bernier Budget Town Hall – Liberal Budget 2019 Edition

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Bernier’s Town Hall

Bernier Town hall

2:50 – cannot spend your way to prosperity
Private sector investment drives growth in Canada but investments are going down
5:19 – financially support veterans / what programs will you reinstate?
Budget only talk – doesn’t really touch on veterans very much –
Programs to keep – Pension, child benefits – won’t work with UN by sending money, when communist countries are managing the un. Bold reforms to give you more freedom and more money in your pocket

8:36 – housing market
Won’t do what trudeau did. Give them more of their own money in their own pocket
Flat tax – 15% up to 100k
Earning less than 15k no federal taxes
Vancouver – policy on immigration will impact by putting pressure housing in hot market. That will help housing markets in these cities
11:30 – government spending help or harm the economy?
Can’t spend way out of this problem
Engine of economy is private investment – open door to that
1.9% growth under trudeau
More under Harper
More funding doesn’t create economic growth
14:20 – should the government compensate dairy farmers over the next few years?
Abolish the SM cartel
Must give the cartel compensation. Cost is around 5b dollars. Trudeau will give 3.9 billion for compensation. Bernier will abolish it and open the market
17:40 – will liberals balance the budget?
They won’t balance the budget.
They had the opportunity to balance the budget. They didn’t
20b Deficit

19:40 – Liberals plan to stop illegal border crossers
Solve the problem with president Trump
Immigration system is not sustainable
Not fair for canadians paying for it
Not fair for people crossing into canada because they’ll be deported
Come here if you share our principal and respect our immigration law
Maximum of 250k per year
22:30 – how will you achieve balanced budget and cut taxes?
Cut foreign aid, big reforms, Save money on equalization formula
24:34 – electric car incentive
No, we’ll cut it
25:05 – healthcare / lower wait times.
Mixed system is better than our system
Universal coverage
We will give the right incentive to provinces to help them give a better system
Lower the income tax at the federal level and give provinces the ability to tax for it

28:43 – is there room for people who want to reform the constitution to ensure freedom of speech
We have that in our constitution
Respect of freedom of speech before getting federal funding. In writing.

30:58 – monies going to the media?
Media must be independent. We
31:32 – Carbon tax and billions to the UN
Yes, we will abolish that
All money going to UN,
Won’t impose carbon tax
Scheer wants to meet paris accord.
Bernier no carbon tax, no paris accord, environment is shared jurisdiction between provinces and federal.
Clean lakes and rivers.
35:05 – lobbying? Will you eliminate lobbying
Why do we have lobbying in canada?
I believe in capitalism, not crony capitalism
37:00 – Small business can’t afford having a lobbyist in Canada
37:21 – I need you speech
Only one who won’t pander
SPeaking the truth
If you don’t like it you have other choice
RIght policies based on freedom. That’s what created this country.
We have the best ideas
Best ideas, right for this country

38:47 – airport privatization
41:00 – last word