Bernier Interview Highlight – Immigration, CBC and a message to CPC supporters!

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Supporting Documents

8:25 – Open Border, Immigration and Illegal immigrant. Hijab etc

9:17 – our platform, immigrants

10:35 – Syrian / cultural test for Canadian values – He wants to hear from Canadians

12:30 – don’t need to throw everything out, the points system is a good one. We can improve it.

13:13 – increasing immigrants – less than 10% agree we should increase

14:00 – go back to 250k per year for immigrants. I agree with 49% and think they’re right there is too much immigration in the country.

21:00 – Canadian Media – CBC

24:20 – smear job, no place for that at the CBC

Reform and have a PBS model for CBC.

26:18 – wells

27 – fake news

28:15 – de-platforming

31:00 – you should be proud of what you’re doing.

32:50 – What would you say?

Political correctness is dead. We are the real conservative alternative.

Make this country great again.

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