Is the Muslim Brotherhood Operating Openly In The Canadian Government?

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Muslim Brotherhood significant presence in canada… Quiggin Report Soundcloud Islamophobia – What’s wrong with this term?… House of commons passes Anti – Islamiphobia law… Full Text of M-103… Petition e-411… CBC Interview of Samer Majzoub Confirming he’s leader of MAC… MAC Website directly referencing Muslim Brotherhood… Jinnah Park Google Search… …

Justin Trudeau and Too Many Personal Days!

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Does this seem like a reasonable amount of personal days for a sitting PM? Trudeau criticized for ‘personal’ day in midst of pipeline crisis Justin’s Day Off Politicians such as Justin Trudeau need personal days, too Justin Personal Day Tracker Justin itinerary (source for personal days)

Letter to the MP 2 – Do you find Justin Trudeau’s Non Answers Acceptable?

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Text of the letter sent:Here is a video I made about PM Trudeau’s rude non answers to the leader of the opposition during question period.  Do you stand by your leaders arrogant non answers to all 3 pointed questions? Do you agree that politicians should be able to answer questions posed to them in a professional setting such as question …

Why can’t PM Trudeau answer a question?

CanadaPoli Canada Politics Leave a Comment… 0:55 – India Trip cost 1.5 Billion dollars – why? 1:54 – why do you keep spending recklessly and sending the bill to future generations? 3:02 – Can the prime minister tell me what is part of a $7,500 swing set?

Trudeau’s Trade War

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Trudeau’s tone deaf response on Trump is going to backfire.  He’s going to hand Trump win after win if he continues this style of response.  And in the process he’s going to bankrupt Canada.  

Letter to the MP – June 5 2018

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Dear MP,I do not support you or your party, despite voting enthusiastically for Justin Trudeau in the 2015 election.  I will never vote for another Liberal government in my life because of the choices you’ve made over the last 3 years.Justin Trudeau keep saying that he keeps hearing that Canadians want more immigration.  Let me tell you, and please tell …