CRTC Complaint Process, Private Racist Consultations by Ottawa and More!

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Supporting Documents CRTC Complaint Website Private Meetings on Immigration Straws! But wait, we aren’t polluting the ocean with plastic? What!? Woman banned from side of bus The definition of “woman” was banned from the sides of buses in Edinburgh over fears it could offend trans people — The Times of London (@thetimes) October 11, 2018 Cloper

Faith Goldy’s Ads Being Dropped By @Rogers Media + Maxime Bernier Tweets

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  Supporting Links My Website: Faith’s Ads Banned by Rogers In violation of our signed contract & CRTC guidelines, on Sunday night Rogers Media banned Faith Goldy Campaign radio ads set to begin Monday morning The media truly is the enemy of the people! These unelected hacks are engineering, STEALING Toronto’s election‼️#FaithforMayor — Faith J Goldy 🎄 (@FaithGoldy) …

Asylum Seekers Get Voter Registration Cards and Badass Commercial for a Small Congressional Race

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Supporting Links Churchill Quote Winston Churchill on the importance of a free press Badass Commercial Malcom Article – Asylum seeker not eligible to vote gets voter registration card MALCOLM: Asylum seeker not eligible to vote receives voter registration card Malcom Tweets This is so weird. Why is Elections Canada promoting, and even defending, a proposed Liberal bill? — Candice …

A PPC Party Plank Rolled Out, Quebec’s New Provincial Party is Racist? And #MeToo and Male Fear!

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Supporting Links Supporters of PPC Corporate welfare is reward for failure, all at the cost of Canadian taxpayers. Canadians should not be punished because corporations cannot survive in the free market. Only Maxime Bernier and the PPC are vowing to end corporate welfare! #BernierNation #PPC2019 #cdnpoli — Supporters of PPC (@SupportersOfPPC) October 13, 2018 Global News Calls Quebec’s New …

I like #Bernier more and more – but the Polls Tell a Different Story

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Supporting Links Bernier UN Tweet The UN is a useless joke. Justin Trudeau keeps wasting Canadian taxpayers money abroad trying to get his seat at the UN Security Council. Instead, we should reassert our sovereignty and stop pretending that this corrupt international bureaucracy has any credibility. — Maxime Bernier (@MaximeBernier) October 13, 2018 Pollara Poll – September 17-21 2018 …

What to do with ISIS fighters? Maybe vote in the HOC? Nah, we’ll do it later.

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Supporting Links Bernier Tweet Canadian taxpayers will also be forced to fund health and education services to Palestinians. The most absurd aspect of this is that according to our Constitution, Ottawa is not even supposed to get involved in these issues here in Canada. — Maxime Bernier (@MaximeBernier) October 12, 2018 Community Based Refugee Sponsorship—ministers-from-canada-the-united-kingdom-ireland-argentina-spain-and-new-zealand-underline-their-support-for-community-based-refugee-sponsorship-in-advance-of-the-2018-united-nations-general-688280161.html Twitter Of ISIS …

Terrorists Just Wanna Go Home + Money Laundering + Vote Buying For Chinese Voters? Oh My!

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Supporting Links Islamic State Terrorist lost the war and just wants to come home (boo hoo). ‘I just want to go back’: Canadian ISIS fighter captured in northern Syria speaks out Global says ‘we should bring back isis wives and children’ Germany takes islamic wives and children Chinese gangs launder money through vancouver real estate How Chinese gangs …

Climate Change, IPCC, Rigged Data sets – But we TOTALLY need a Carbon Tax?

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Supporting Links Ipcc source dataset is rigged? We have to stop pretending that the fate of climate change hinges on canada carbon tax We have to stop pretending that the entire fate of climate change hinges on whether or not we have a $50/ ton carbon tax in Canada. — Aaron Wudrick (@awudrick) October 11, 2018 Trudeau carbon …

Faith Goldy Tells 680 News Her Elevator Pitch & John Tory’s 2003 Position on Illegal Immigrants!

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Supporting Links Faith Goldy in her own Words Controversial Toronto Mayoral Candidate Faith Goldy Sues Bell Controversial Toronto mayoral candidate sues Bell Media after ad refused John Tory Watch tweet on Criminal Behaviour of Illegal Immigrants Original from Tory’s Website 2003

Mic Issues (video cuts off at end) And Maxime Bernier Registers PPC!

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Supporting Links Hey Everyone! My Yeti Mic is giving me nothing but trouble today. For some reason it’s giving me strange noises at random times (nothing to do with recording my vocals or computer audio, it’s just this cracling distortion that’s happening for no good reason and it kills the file when it happens). It happens right at the end …