Legal Marijuana, Medical Prescription, Driving and YOU (and Ontario?)!

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Supporting Links How will Canada’s drug laws actually work Canada Justice Website Global News Medical Patient Medical marijuana users fear impaired driving laws once cannabis is legal Laws in Provinces and Territories Vancouver / BC Driving Laws How much cannabis could you smoke and stay under the proposed legal limit for driving Cannabis laws and …

How to tank NAFTA in 3 easy steps!

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Supporting Links Women in The World Conference Trudeu interview – 11:03 for Trump insult CBC Article Game: I have typed out what the moderator asks (I decided not to play it again because it’s just mind numbingly stupid) 12:35 – Engagement feels like it’s at the extremes. Extreme left and right. That in itself feels like a threat …

Globe and Mail Tries to Brand Max as Alt-Right.

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Supporting Links Twitter Trudeau Rabbit hole? Trudeau quote? Unconfirmed / verified Oh, oh @gmbutts you are once again going to be a busy boy trying to cover this up…. especially when your puppet boy stated…. — The Right Honourable Lee Evans (@Evelynne24) September 11, 2018 FB – Other people looking for clip 2015 National Post Article Maxime …

Notwithstanding Clause Invoked. 25 Ward Mayoral Election Will Happen.

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Supporting Links Ford Presser 2 pm September 10 Charter of Rights and Freedoms Wikipedia about Section 33 ttps://\ Public Apology for bad star trek joke (that got the facts wrong!) Aww man – It was Section 31 in Star Trek. Boo. I thought it was section 33. I do get some things wrong sometimes. 🙂 Error happened.

Doug Ford Shut Down! Judge Rules Against reduction of seats! What Next?!

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  Supporting Links Sun Article Canada Charter of Rights   Cbc Article about same   Bill 5   City of Toronto Act   Wynne Blocks Tory Tolling DVP   Error happened.

Liberal Party Tweets a Form of Entropy?

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  Liberal Party Tweets Trudeau Tweets   Liberal Party – Irqa Khalid   Trudeau Entropy Tweet   Youtube – Entropy   Definition of Entropy Liberal Party Tweet – Build a better tomorrow   Liberal LGBTQ2 Bill Morneau Financial Post   Huff Post   Maxime Bernier Max …