NAFTA 24 Hours Left..Bilateral or Trilateral?? We’ll soon see!

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Supporting Links Trump Presser Financial Post No Meeting Requested New: Trudeau spokesperson suggests Trump was lying when he said he turned down a meeting with Trudeau. "No meeting was requested," Cameron Ahmad says. — Daniel Dale (@ddale8) September 26, 2018 Trudeau reaches out to Mexico Bloomberg on NAFTA U.S. and Canada are in a weekend dash …

Trudeau defends housing child killer at healing lodge, #NAFTA and Bernier talking sense!

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Supporting Links Trudeau Defending Tori Stafford’s Killer at Healing Lodge Trudeau Government Defends Spending Veterans money on Cop Killer Maxime Bernier on the floor of the house asking a reasonable question Yesterday, I asked the liberal wing of the LibCon Party if it was willing to sacrifice Canada’s auto industry and put at risk 20% of our economy …

Birthday tourism, immigration, Radisson hotel and arrests at the us border

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Supporting Documents Radison Hotel #babiesInCanada Archive Tweet Account Blog – Part 1 Blog – Part 2 Canadian border Human Smugglers Human Rights Complaint Error happened.

Bernier Interview Highlight – Immigration, CBC and a message to CPC supporters!

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Supporting Documents 8:25 – Open Border, Immigration and Illegal immigrant. Hijab etc 9:17 – our platform, immigrants 10:35 – Syrian / cultural test for Canadian values – He wants to hear from Canadians 12:30 – don’t need to throw everything out, the points system is a good one. We can improve it. 13:13 – increasing immigrants – less than 10% …

John Tory, Rogers Communication and The Mayor’s Office?

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Supporting Links Rogers hold music Rogers Proxy Shareholder Meeting PDF Rogers Corporate Structure What Rogers Owns Rogers Bank First Story on John Tory Now Toronto Article – Conflict of Interests John Tory doesn’t seem to get what a conflict of interest is Error happened.

Is it okay for the media to label someone racist and then silence them? A Faith Goldy Story

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Supporting Documents Faith Goldy Doesn’t want to be mayor Faith Goldy White Genocide Faith Goldy Daily Stormer Interview The interview that got goldy fired Ezra on Goldy firing RWW – Faith Goldy – 14 words Defends 14 words position Tory Police Photo Error happened.

#NAFTA Update – Deadline Looms, Trump Signing Other Deals All Over The Place

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Supporting Links   Global News   ToryWatch on Twitter – Lighthizer quote   Financial Post   Ford Travels to Washington   CBC – Congressional Deadline Looming   A bad nafta is better than no nafta   Should Canada give up on nafta? Yes.   Freeland’s Twitter   Trump and US make deal …

Maxime Bernier on Healthcare September 16 2018

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Supporting Links Max Tweet… Globe and Mail Article on Health Care… Max Speech… York Region Article about German Healhcare system… CTV Tweet Max Referenced… CTV Interview – Time stamp for Healthcare below… I meant “Maxime didn’t mention ‘two tier’ healthcare.’ But the host does lead with ‘Preston Manning’s 2 tier quote.’ 3:10 – more …

Throwing Liquid is a Dangerous Bellweather & Trudeau Speaks About Syrian Murderers!

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Supporting Links Laura Lynn Thompson Tweet… Ezra Levant Tweet… London Acid attack increase… Karen Woods Update on Coffee thower… Trudeau Talks – Steeper33 Tweet… Trudeau Meme… People’s Party Error happened.