Campaigning on our Dime, MP’s Blocking constituents and Economy!

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Campaigning Trudeau

Goose is cooked in Edmonton

Bernier calling out blocking Michelle Rempel

Bnn economy article

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    The goose thing made me laugh. 😁

    I don’t know much about economics either although it interests me and I follow a couple of channels that do and they have me worried. Really looking at trying to grow my own food this summer…Maybe build a greenhouse etc. I think these are skills we should all be looking at to help ease the future blow that’s coming…because it’s coming. When? Who knows but mark me it won’t be pretty, like the Great Depression level ugly; is a possibility we shouldn’t ignore.

    Here’s a channel that is reputable for anyone interested. I think he’s American, so whatever he says just imagine it twice as bad and that’s Canada.😉

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    this guy is from nova scotia

    maritime gardener


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    [QUOTE=”Space Cat, post: 12547, member: 216″]Here’s another great talk.
    Thats the diferance. We will still listen to leftist like Chris Hedges whereas the left will mass flag and get the right deleted. I have a lot of respect for Mr Hedges and the things he’s accomplished over his life. Some dont like him so much as they hate hearing that can represent the other side so well.

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    [QUOTE=”joe muferaw, post: 12548, member: 374″]all hail the mighty goose

    Heres golfers revenge.

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    The job numbers released for all of Canada (106,500 gained) seem even harder to believe when New Brunswick lost 3,900 the same month (April,2019).

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