Change in the Press Coverage for Trudeau and Housing Prices

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Bad Press

Housing Prices

Money laundering increasing home prices in Canada

Newcomers to Canada ending up homeless

From the article:
Meanwhile, a second study released this week by Ottawa that offers a “point-in-time” snapshot of homelessness in 61 communities also noted a trend of homelessness among newcomers.
It found 14 percent of people who identified as homeless in 2018 were newcomers to Canada. Of that total, eight per cent indicated they were immigrants, three per cent identified as refugees and four per cent as refugee claimants.

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    You got it. Supply and demand. They are talking about increasing supply all the while still increasing demand through immigration. Instead of being retarded and evil they could stop increasing demand or even decrease demand. Someone who is just starting out and gets an average job won’t be able to afford a house till they’re 50 and then their children will never be able to move out. This is not good and needs to change. I would say that even Bernier’s numbers are too high, but they’re much better than everyone else’s (also the type of people could be improved).

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