Climate Emergency? “Mostly Symbolic Gesture” and Canada Warming 2x Global Rate?

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People’s Party Website

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People’s Party Platform

Guelph Climate Change Office

Our Energy Guelph

Kingston first Ontario municipality to declare climate emergency

Kingston first Ontario municipality to declare climate emergency

Strategic planning

Kingston city council starts its strategic planning

Halifax and Vancouver declare climate emergency (largely symbolic)

Halifax joins Vancouver as 2nd Canadian city to declare climate emergency

NDP Introduce ‘Climate Emergency’ in Ontario Legislature

Canada Warms at 2x global rate

Pearson 1938 – 2019

Vancouver Int’l Airport

Calgary May 1900 – 2018

Regina Int’l 1900 – 2018

Ft. Mac Weather

Great Lakes Warming at 2x the speed?

1989 AP Global Warming Piece

Data link

Great Lakes Region Warming 2x the rate of the rest of the world?

Feeling the effects now, but all of these are ‘could be’ and ‘may be’ and ‘expected.’ None of these things has happened despite 20 years of ‘sky is falling’ literature.

Effects of global warming so far:

10% jump in rainfall due to large storms (emergency?)
Lake superior algae blooms

Things that might happen in the future:

Decreasing rainfall by 5 – 15% (so back to where we were, roughly?)
Heat waves should become more common
By end of century we could have 40 additional days with temps exceeding 32.2 c (they keep saying ‘should’)
Decrease in winter snowfall in most places, but locations accustomed to lake effect sualls can expect more snow – lake ontario snow belt
Longer growing seasons?
Wetter springs (shouldn’t that have happened yet?)
More release of untreated sewage during heavy storms and run off of nutrients that feed algae blooms (why isn’t this happening now with the 10% increase in rainfall? Why it is happening in the future if it’s supposed to return to normal?)
More sand dune erosion from heavier rainfall (again, why hasn’t this happened? If it has happened, why not mention it and sight where it’s happened as evidence of the ‘already experiencing it now’?

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    The headline about Canada warming @ 2 x the normal rate is used around the world, just with the name of the area/country changed. The media has been doing it for years.

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    [QUOTE=”Unibrow, post: 13615, member: 407″]The headline about Canada warming @ 2 x the normal rate is used around the world, just with the name of the area/country changed. The media has been doing it for years.[/QUOTE]

    Most people believe that without even looking at local data. I tried to lay it bare. I mean, it also helps having all of the other papers showing those ridiculous headlines all over the world. But local data smashing it to pieces because no warming at all is happening, should also help people wake up. Or just have them target me and my evil data. lol

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    Adapt 2030 has a great YouTube channel, if you did not know that already. Episode #829 about 19 seconds in he shows some more headlines from across the world stating such and such an area is warming faster than the rest of the world. Same B.S., different day. (As an aside, I hope you have been canvassing! KEK)

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    [QUOTE=”Cdnguy, post: 13639, member: 5″]Will check out that channel[/QUOTE]
    Ice Age Farmer is another great YT channel.

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    [B]Methodology for indicator calculation[/B]

    For the estimation of the polar ice sheets mass balance, an ensemble of satellite altimetry, interferometry, and gravimetry data sets using common geographical regions, time intervals, and models of surface mass balance and glacial isostatic adjustment has been used.

    mass loss of 362.5 billion tonnes corresponds to a 1 mm sea level equivalent
    [B]Read the time stamps under projections.[/B]

    -Even if other scientists could accept Zwally’s measurements of ice sheet inflation, they would quickly run into what many would see as a second hiccup in his study. To translate the change in height (and therefore volume) into a change in mass, scientists must assume a certain density. The question is: Just what is rising? Is it snow or ice? Zwally contends it is ice, and argues that at the end of the last ice age, roughly 10,000 years ago, the amount of snowfall doubled. This would mean that it has been compacting into solid ice for millennia and continues to do so today. Most other scientists, however, do not agree that this is still going on now and argue that any increase in the ice sheet’s height is from added snowfall alone. In this case, the density of snow would be the right number to use. The difference is critical: a rise of one centimeter of snow across all of East Antarctica is the equivalent of 35 billion metric tons, but a rise of one centimeter of ice is the equivalent of 92 billion metric tons. Using the latter (plus a huge rise in the height of the ice sheet), Zwally’s study finds that East Antarctica has gained roughly 147 billion metric tons a year.

    -But despite the dominance of the country’s coffee industry, its future is threatened. Environmental limitations mean the country’s coffee production can’t continue to expand the way it has for several decades. Climate change is expected to significantly reduce the land suitable for coffee farming, as average temperatures increase and the dry season becomes longer and hotter, reducing water availability.

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    [QUOTE=”Cassius_Chaerea, post: 13859, member: 480″]I missed the boat. I wanted to look at all the data you guys and gals collected and see what you all came up with, then do my own analyses. I can’t find the thread though…[/QUOTE]

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    When is the climate warming emergency coming? They keep talking about it but it never gets here. We were promised! They just keep moving the goalposts.

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    [QUOTE=”Cdnguy, post: 13903, member: 5″]Its here now! Only 10 year left!!!!!![/QUOTE]
    AOC & Climate Bar Fly Barbie say the sky is falling……I’m holding out for the “ICE AGE”

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