Conflict of Interest and Trudeau Just Sounds Defeated….

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Cpac Trudeau

Head Investigator of SNC is sister in law to Liberal Cabinet Minister

Investigator Is Sister-In-Law

Democracy Watch

Democracy Watch questions whether Ethics Commissioner’s senior lawyer is Liberal Cabinet Minister Dominic LeBlanc’s sister-in-law?

Could a conflict of interest be your sister’s husband’s boss really needs that pesky lavalin thing to go away and you just happen to be the one who can do it?




AG Conflict of Interests

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    You are right on the money about it being a conflict of interest for Martine LeBlanc. Most people in my neck of the woods understood how Dom skated away from the clam licence “affair”, one conflict protecting another. If people only knew how wide and deep this is, woven all throughout the fed. bureaucracy and fed.courts, they would sh*t!

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    SO there you go. And if you look at any other legislation, it’s ALL set up such that no-one in any government can substantially be held to account for anything they do while in office. Look at the crap that the Ontario Libtards pulled. Read the transcripts from the inquiry. They new full well that the UN”fair hydro plan” was illegal. AT the end of the day, Nothing to see here. The whole system is broken to the extent that repairing it is nearly impossible. This bullshiet of in camera meetings is the first thing that has to go. There should be nothing that is said, while representing constituents, that is able to be absent from the public record. How do you get people to understand the importance of “absolute” transparency?

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