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DPA Still on Table for SNC – Where Does the 9000 Jobs Number Come From?

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Minister Can’t give evidence

3:22 – is a DPA off the table for SNC?
Legally yes, they can still get a DPA up to the point of conviction
3:48 – let me get this straight

5:50 – 9000 jobs? What evidence?
History would tell you that when companies are convicted…

5:45 – any real evidence that those jobs would be jeopardized by a criminal trial

6:05 – phillpott

7:36 – do you think they should remain in caucus? (look at that face!)
If they can express confidence in the leader

In their hands??? What? Oh man.

3:34 – should JWR Come back to testify?

4:34 – where is the evidence of these 9000 jobs in Canada?

What proof do you have they’re leaving?

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