Early Election? Money Laundering and Wernick as Election Interference Chair?

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Early Election?


Money Laundering Problem

Wernick To Stay On Election Interference Group

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    [QUOTE=”CanadaPoli-Admin, post: 8718, member: 1″][URL=’https://canadapoli.com/early-election-money-laundering-and-wernick-as-election-interference-chair/’]Continue reading…[/URL][/QUOTE]
    Hypothetically if both Justin and Scheer were assasinated as tin foil boy Wernick is suggesting, what party would win?

    I’d say the conservatives as they have a deeper pool. I think that after all the LNC scandal that Pierre Poilievre would be in the running. Or hell, even Rempel to quell the myth of racist misogynist white privileged males.

    The only chance the Liberals would have is Jody or Philpott. Just the sound of Freelands grade 5 lisp while she speaks in a condescending voice would turn off a lot of voters.

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    Taking into account that the MSM and the money in this country are onboard the Li(e)beral train, I am expecting a very frustrating/ full of outright lies election. Early or this fall, LTFO for unchecked b.s. from Liberal MP’s and unchallenged excuses from the Banadian MSM. If there was ever a time for a federal election to have a paper ballot only option in every riding, it is probably going to be this one.

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    [QUOTE=”Unibrow, post: 8726, member: 407″]If there was ever a time for a federal election to have a paper ballot only option in every riding,[/QUOTE]
    100%. After seeing the ballot stuffing in the US among admissions via Project Veritas from election officials outright admitting it. How about that Florida election official? Why the fuck is she not in jail yet?
    Then all the fake bots farms that will be pretending to be Russians supporting Scheer. Katie Telford will be sure thats headlines from coast to coast to coast.
    Should set a bunch of us to stand out front of all the polling booths with Yellow Vest on just to let everyone know (males) that your wife cant see your ballot and its alright to lie to them.

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