Extremists Groups in Alberta? And Montreal Flooding

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Comments 17

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    Wow. The Canadian military under Dear Leader Justin are allowed;
    a) To have beards permanently -but groomed.
    b) Dress & Deportment standards have caved bigly. Especially near a PM -even if PM is a fraud.
    c) To be used for Dog & Pony Shows.

    Glad I’m retired.

  2. Avatar

    Speaking of “white supremacists” CBC got the rhetoric to scare voters again… From Wisconsin.


  3. Avatar

    New Zealand is deeply cucked to political correctness and surrendered a while ago to Islam. Coming to Canada now. Some white cucks on comment tweets show their self flagellating hatred of whiteys.


  4. Avatar

    Unrelated but this provides good insight in the mind of the left. Gay guy wants normal woman “purged” (killed) for criticizing Islam. The idiot ignores Islam has targeted fags for death by flying off rooftops. The Left. Textbook idiocy.


  5. Avatar
  6. Avatar

    [QUOTE=”Anaximander, post: 11685, member: 116″]Shit I like my beard when I have one though, especially in the winter months 🙁 I would vouch for the beard haha.[/QUOTE]

    Gas masks can’t seal properly. The soldier will die from gassing haha.

  7. Avatar

    [QUOTE=”Anaximander, post: 11689, member: 116″]Really?

    Thanks, that’s good to know[/QUOTE]

    Clean shaves are for uniformity and hygiene. Beards have no value in the army – albeit it is very traditional in the navy (but NOT on submarines). The army allows groomed beards simply because the Canadian forces must “evolve” along with society. BS.

  8. Avatar

    [QUOTE=”Anaximander, post: 11704, member: 116″]What about out in the cold FFS, really you are saying my beard doesn’t stop that terrible freezing of the face? I would swear by the beard my dude.[/QUOTE]

    Beards have no value in the army. Period. Short groomed hair and a clean shave are key to a soldier’s dress and deportment. I see you perhaps never joined or you never made it to a rank of leadership?
    For “about out in the cold FFS” the military issues proper kit for the climate; be it full bellaclavas, neck warmers, tuques, parkas with hood, over pants, three types of gloves, mukluks, snowshoes, etc. A clean shave is also about discipline and [B]pride in oneself[/B]; the latter is a lost value IMO.

  9. Avatar

    [QUOTE=”Anaximander, post: 11705, member: 116″]I like the uniformity for that though. I remember the Basic Training video I watched now, (All things must be clean (Razor Especially)) – and I agree. Toothbrush, razor, etc.

    Almost before water and food u want those tools and maintained. Proper socks( 😮 haha – NOT Jihadi socks) etc. I don’t think many people think about what it would be like to live with “No” Civilization or Society, like we have now.

    Maybe that is what will make us fall. Let’s hope not.[/QUOTE]

    Speaking of before water and food, if I remember the logistical priority on military armed operations is ammo, pol, water then food. Pretty sure.

  10. Avatar

    [QUOTE=”Anaximander, post: 11710, member: 116″]”pol” ?[/QUOTE]

    Another anally retentive army acronym lol

  11. Avatar

    [QUOTE=”AirborneIntel, post: 11694, member: 123″]Clean shaves are for uniformity and hygiene. Beards have no value in the army – albeit it is very traditional in the navy (but NOT on submarines). The army allows groomed beards simply because the Canadian forces must “evolve” along with society. BS.[/QUOTE]
    It’s only the transgender solders with beards. Caused by the hormone treatments.

  12. Avatar

    [QUOTE=”AV8TOR, post: 11716, member: 33″]It’s only the transgender solders with beards. Caused by the hormone treatments.[/QUOTE]

    Almost all men are growing beards now. A CANFORGEN authorized it recently. The CDS is a spineless retard.

    Anyway it’s time for IPL cricket. Cheerio from my paradise at -5 C and blowing snow…

  13. Avatar

    [QUOTE=”Anaximander, post: 11720, member: 116″]Ah that makes sense. I’d say that’s almost more important than the ammo – or atleast where you store it would be. After all the petrol can be a weapon too right :p and you need it for the bigger equipment. – Shit though that is a hard decision to make

    Water too though.

    I guess in the end it really is the water is most important, then food etc. Razor would be last haha.[/QUOTE]

    So yes and no. Ammo is 1st. When you are at a last stand, ammo is key. Then fuel to move. Soldiers can last a week with water alone. Food can wait if given the choice. Of course in this context of a last stand firefight shaving can wait.

  14. Avatar

    [QUOTE=”Anaximander, post: 11726, member: 116″]Haha! I agree the shaving can alwaaaays wait! A trim is good! no sense in having the face all itchy n shit hahaha.

    ** What happens when you run out of the ammo though?

    surrender or? I can think of a few different things on what to do in that situation, but I’m not gonna say them here haha.

    I think with the potential enemies on the horizon that we all face, surrender probably isn’t an option actually now that I think about it. (Not like “back in the day” – or what I’ve read in history – where such things were used to the advantage – or could be used as such – even just to save a small group of soldiers – or every day people)

    They’ll now be the “All or Nothing – War” (s)[/QUOTE]

    [B]** What happens when you run out of the ammo though? [/B]

    That’s why we “fix bayonet” and carry out a well drilled platoon or company size attack on the enemy. I shit you not. Ask any NCO or infantry officer. Your forces may have the option to “retire” aka retreat.

  15. Avatar

    [QUOTE=”Anaximander, post: 11737, member: 116″]I had a beard since forever, since before my class mates atleast aha.

    I guess it sort of “Grew on me”

    Har har[/QUOTE]

    Never had a beard. I tried last year since I’m retired but I can’t make it past 5 days.

  16. Avatar

    [QUOTE=”Anaximander, post: 11744, member: 116″]I don’t think retreat is really an option. Would you really want to retreat? If you’re under fire/small arms or especially artillery, I always thought it was best to move forward in such circumstances. (Can’t speak from experience fortunately and unfortunately) (but I’ve read some history and military strategy/tactics – ….. guess it really depends on the situation doesn’t it)

    Fix bayonets for sure though haha.[/QUOTE]

    Military tactics have evolved tremendously since the past 40-50 years. Although this is not 100% accurate or fair however a military Commander’s end state and mission success depends on his men and equipment. All of them. Today’s intelligence, a long list of “lessons learned”, along with operational know-how and professionalism among soldiers always focus for mission success. I can talk military ethos, preparedness, planning and development until the cows come home in 4 days’ time.

  17. Avatar

    [QUOTE=”Anaximander, post: 11755, member: 116″]I enjoy talking about military tactics. Or a game of chess, really any game like it. I dunno though, there was that one scene in that show

    Military Tactics are going to change for a very long time with the new tech on the horizon – along with a whole new slew of atrocities…. aha…[/QUOTE]

    Here’s the NCO Creed. It’s the same in Canada but couldn’t find it

    Here’s some recommended video. Other episodes on right side:

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