Food Prices and Climate Change and International Students

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Food Prices

Canadian vegetable prices rising at fastest pace in three years

Blame Trump

Foreign Students

Trudeau Intl’ Golf Course Airport

Scheer and his climate plan

2.65 billion

Vice says Scheer’s Plan increases Emissions


Bernier Plan

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    So trading the carbon tax for a cap and trade system. Thought so. Anyone that lives in Ontario that seen gas prices go down after Ford eliminated the cap and trade system and then see it go back up under the carbon tax knows this won’t change a damn thing.

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    While food prices have been rising the amount of food in the package has shrunk. We are living the opposite of the “Super-size me” days, when they could not give enough food away. There will not be any relief from rising food prices anytime soon. There has been plenty of flooding in food/meat producing areas and that means we are in for trouble. The size and scope of it all means BIG trouble. Did you know that just the state of Nebraska alone has lost over 1 million calves this spring? Or that less than 60% of American corn fields have been planted and a large chunk of what has been planted is just for crop insurance sake? Or that U.S. grain reserves took a huge hit with this springs flooding,destroying much of it. What does this mean to us Canucks? It means everything that corn effects just got real pricey. Most corn grown goes to feeding animals and ethanol for gasoline. Some becomes high-fructose corn syrup to sweeten up just about everything. Farmers in Canada are behind schedule in many areas as well, though our beef herd numbers are known to be dangerously low for a few years now. What I am getting at is bbq season is cheaper now than 2 weeks from now, then 2 weeks from now will be cheaper than 2 weeks later and repeat that process for the next few years. It is quite ominous. If you are physically able, start a garden. Youtube is a GREAT source on info and different growing methods for different situations, potatoes can be grown in bags for example. I really hope some of you do this, would be best if all did this (KEK). A tax will not ever solve “climate fill in the blank”. The powers that be know it. Blue team will “replace” red team in Bananada this fall and must keep the ongoing WW agendas moving forward. If you are looking for a change, going CPC will get you change in name and party colors only. We sheep have some choices to make and while the system is set up to keep us in line and under thumb, we are many and waking up more and more every day. The fascists shut down debate with slander and fraudulent science/credibility and I believe there is a silent majority ( I do not belong to KEK) that know better despite what is force fed to them. Reality says the clock is running on our opportunity for real change for all sheep. I will end here, I have to get baaaa ck to grazing.

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    I was going to mention gardens but for most folks that simply not a viable solution. For those that have houses it’s a great Idea.

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    Hate to be a party pooper. If we are in a climate emergency , I’m really surprised that fireworks are still allowed. Sure we aren’t on the same grand scale ,but the fireworks in the states alone ,have a dramatic amount of pollutants. If there was really a “climate emergency” I don’t believe the sale of fireworks would be allowed

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