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Hard Not to Smile – Andrew Scheer Twitter Round Up!

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Hard Not to smile speech

More Trudeau = More taxes // Plus de Trudeau = Plus d’impôts

Conservatives are back in Ottawa with one clear message to Canadians: Re-elect Justin Trudeau and watch your taxes go up. Watch my address to Conservative Party of Canada – Parti conservateur du Canada caucus and candidates Live:–Les conservateurs sont de retour à Ottawa avec un message clair pour les Canadiens: réélisez Justin Trudeau et regardez vos impôts augmenter. Regardez mon discours au caucus et aux candidats du Conservative Party of Canada – Parti conservateur du Canada en direct:

Posted by Andrew Scheer on Sunday, January 27, 2019

200 nominated candidates

Scheer –

Canada for Canadians

Hard Not to smile

Fundraising records

Calibre of candidates choosing to pick up the conservative banner

Candidate introductions

Tired of Liberal mistakes.

Damaged relationships
Bungled trade
Killing pipelines and oil and gas
Destroyed confidence in immigration and the border

Runaway spending and perm deficits hit everyone hard.

Trudeau keeps telling us we’ve never had it better

No dream is out of reach in Canada.

⅔ can’t pay bills

81% are paying more in taxes under trudeau

11. 11 – If trudeau is elected, your taxes will go up.

80% of middle income canadians are paying higher taxes under Trudeau

Will not come clean about how much his carbon tax will cost

$300 a ton, add .60 cents per liter to price of gas and more

Increase business taxes by 73%

CPC caught him and blocked him on some of them.
Never ending deficits

Tie Trudeau to the balanced budget promise. 3 years of small deficit then balance.

Budget will balance itself

Today’s deficits are tomorrow’s tax hikes

And it will be you who will pay for his mistakes

CPC is the only party fighting for lower taxes so we don’t have to pay for those mistakes

We are here for people who need to get a break from the government.

The people who are doing everything right but who still can’t get ahead in life

18:13 – Budgets don’t balance themselves, you can’t borrow your way out of debt , you can’t spend money you don’t have and you can’t let others pay for your mistakes.

The everyday canadians we fight for can’t afford 4 more years of Justin Trudeau

Who don’t think it’s a problem when Construction workers show up to get something built.

Restore canada’s fair orderly immigration system.

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2019 No Reason to dump wastewater

Energy Workers

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