Housing, Gas Prices and Liberals Not Standing For Re-Election

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House Pricing


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Doug Ford on Gas Prices

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Gas Taxes and Prices

Gas in Vancouver hovers above $1.70 a litre — is this what the rest of Canada is in for?

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    Much noise about our cute PM visiting flood volunteers yesterday. The part about Climate Barbie is interesting too. If I’d be JT’s advisor I’d tell him to stay for the day there (he likely never worked manually for a full day ever?) then dish out those huge Tim Horton’s coffee containers and tables of donuts along with Subway sandwiches as a thank you to volunteers.


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    The PM’s itinerary for today is filled with Japan’s PM. I bet tomorrow it’s a “personal day”. For sandbagging?

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    Unlike Cath McKenna and Justin who did plenty of fake help for sand bagging someone else, back in Alberta got dirty without any photo ops…


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    JT is a real sandbagger alright. He must have blisters on his hand today.
    I get a kick out of how the politicians show up foe photo ops. Where is FREAKLAND in her red rubber boots?

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    Just watching him try to figure out how to even hold and use a shovel is very telling. I’m surprised he could even figure out which end the dirt was suppose to go on.

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