Identity Politics and Push Back from G7 Partners + White Supremacy Just Isn’t That Big A Problem

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G7 Leaders Push Back on Freeland

Most deaths from terrorism are non-whites by non-whites

White nationalism not a major threat

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    [QUOTE=”CanadaPoli-Admin, post: 11521, member: 1″][URL=’’]Continue reading…[/URL][/QUOTE]
    I find it curious that Freeland would say that being proud of her natzi family history. Check out the annual natzi parades in Lviv that celebrate the UPA, Svboda and Stephan Bandera with torch lite marches having THOUSANDS chanting Jews out that not so mysteriously our media does not cover. Maybe because we are training known natzis with our second largest deployment only second to Iraq.
    Not to mention that Freakland is banned from Russia. You know, Russia that in the Great Patriotic War beat the natzis unlike my history teachers that purport we did in WWll.

    [SIZE=5][B]Chrystia Freeland’s granddad was indeed a Nazi collaborator – so much for Russian disinformation[/B][/SIZE]

    [B][COLOR=rgb(184, 49, 47)][SIZE=5]Video [/SIZE][/COLOR][/B]of Kiev torch lite march “Jews out”. Times of Israel.

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    I didn’t know about her grandfather; she does seem to however, and in that article lies and calls it a Russian hoax and I’m not reading anywhere where she denounces Natzism. Does she anywhere? The Soros connection makes much more sense now. These people are evil. And is the marching hoards with fire torches a little too much irony for Ms. Freeland? No supremacy there?

    To say you hate someone is a strong statement, but I really really really dislike that woman.

    Our government just got two shades creepier for me. This is very sinister. Who is running our country?

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    Maxime needs to come out swinging a little stronger. I hope he picks up some speed soon. He should be exposing this stuff. Or Scheer for that matter, they are trying to link him to extremists and has he defended himself at all, has he responded? Thrown some mud back where it belongs?

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    [QUOTE=”Space Cat, post: 11530, member: 216″]Maxime needs to come out swinging a little stronger[/QUOTE]
    Yup. Not much of a showing in Alberta or NB which surprised me. I realize CPP is the new party but, for what ever reason I did see any MSM mention about the NB PPC. Why is that?
    The green party….REALLY?

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    [QUOTE=”Space Cat, post: 11529, member: 216″]Our government just got two shades creepier for me[/QUOTE]
    Ya think? Then Justin’s connections to pedo’s with the logo for the Trudeau foundation being a pedo logo. Sure it may not be true, and the Pizzagate may not be true either, but once you read the Podesta emails and those so called “parties” they hold, WHY THE FUCK WOULD YOU CHANCE THAT?
    Its like Bohemian Grove and David Cameron humping a pigs head. Pulling it while in a coffin? WTF? The all the links to the Brit gov and pedo rings? MKUltra? Intentionally giving a bunch of Marshal Islanders radiation poisoning? Clinton appologizig for using Americans for lab rats? The plan for the US to use Canada as a lab? West Berlin was scheduled to go up with E Berlin in the cold war?
    OMG theres so much. Thats just the tip of the iceberg. I’ll be shooting the shit with friends and a topic will come up and I’ll tell them something and they run to Google as they dont believe me.
    My one buddy agreed with me once that if in one shot I could transfer what I know into his brain instantly it would probably kill him.
    Did you watch the Chistchurch shooting? Meh, it was boring. I could’ve slept through it. Compared to the stuff I’ve seen? Even the Morocco behedings were meh. Yet in Sweden you’ll get 7 years for them.
    They dont mind showing a toddlers corpse on the beach selling migrants and making Harper look bad, but dare show the muslims blowing someone’s head off with a shotgun in slow mo 1080P?

    Oh, and you notice the corpse they found when the snow melted of the Nigerian female? How come thats not Justin’s fault with “Welcome to Canada”? Selective propaganda. They make me SICK.

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    I think the white supremacist crime rhetoric is to give Trudeau the excuse to shut down any protest from the right. Maybe he is a little concerned about the small groups of yellow vests in Canada will grow. He has already labelled them as White supremacist.racist.Maybe he is planning for the future,has to nip it in the bud.

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    Scripts get handed down to the puppets, it’s not just Canada. It’s the same in many other countries at the same time. Of course they fit it to their own agendas.

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