I’m Done with Canadian Leaders Calling Everyone Else Racist

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    Unfortunately one can’t legitimately defend oneself against racist claims as they’ll just say “that’s what a racist would say”. Also obviously saying you are a racist doesn’t work either. Ignoring them is better than that, but sometimes one has to go on the offensive against people like that. If they’re nominally allies or outright allies like the people on this forum then talking about what a racist means and who qualifies as one works. Otherwise it just hurts and conservatives are known for backing down from their position when that meaningless insult is used, which of course is why it’s used.

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    [QUOTE=”Classical Conservative, post: 19998, member: 189″]meaningless insult is used[/QUOTE]
    When ever I hear or read about this. I think about a video of the irate “BLACK” woman calling the “BLACK” police officer who pulled her over a racist. It is so over used and not applicable. It just doesn’t hold water anymore. Six months from now it will be something else.

    Politicians use it to get your attention like using fuck in a sentence. We all know someone that says fuck every second word in a sentence that has nothing too do with any thing.

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    [QUOTE=”AV8TOR, post: 19999, member: 33″] We all know someone that says fuck every second word in a sentence that has nothing too do with any thing.[/QUOTE]

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    I avoid my lefty argumentative brainwashed cousin who wants to sleep with Justin Trudeau and I stayed quiet when she slammed me with exrreme leftist accusations. However, once on Facebook I wrote to an irate troll, probably on Bernier’s comments, “..Are you being paid to write that?…” anc I felt it was effective. I also have written in comments, “..TROLL! TROLL!!! TROLL!!” and felt that was somewhat effective. A person can’t say anything, I find, in person to defend themselves because the cult is so strong.

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