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    There was nothing in any of the mainstream news about this. Right? They want to keep him silent because he is the one who is fighting for Canadians the most. The media and the other globalists hate us and want to destroy us. I would give him about a 75% mark of his immigration policy and I’m very tough to please.

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    I think Max did an even better job than what I had hoped! My mother can’t wait to vote for the PC now. I’m so glad he said we need a wall. And the candidates and Mark are such lovely, earnest people. I think maybe common sense will prevail in a lot of instances. People voted for Doug Ford because he said he doesn’t “cook the books!!!”, meaning he’s not a crook, like Wynne was. Some people want honest people like Bernier and his candidates. I know I do.
    I notice MSM isn’t running Bernier down much yet over his immigration platform. I see CTV showed Max saying, “We cannot be the Welfare State of the planet!!!” and had him interviewed about it. The announcer was a little rude but not too bad – at least Max could say a lot about his platform. I wish they’d show his interview over and over. The CBC just had 3 idiots talk and one said there’s no problem with immigration here, and one wanted to speak but said she didn’t want to be called a racist and the other guy said a lot of Canadians aren’t suited with immigration currently.
    Maybe because a lot of politicians and reporters are on vacation, there’s less silencing of Bernier right now? Good.

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