Immigration Minister Hussenn Has Temper Tantrum, Scheer Attacks Trudeau, Bernier Attacks Scheer

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Amanda Connolly

Hussen Temper Tantrum

Scheer Responds – lol

Bernier Attacks Scheer on Immigration. Scheer says
“It’s not a question of too much, it’s a question of ‘Are our services ready to welcome them?’”

Bernier Attacks Scheer on Pipelines

Bernier Twitter

Andrew Scheer 12 Tweet Trudeau Attack – Trudeau is rich and out of touch

Scheer – Canadians should decide what is in the best interests of Canada.

Scheer – Life is more expensive

CanadaBuster – Chris Bittle says isis protesters are ‘white supremacists’ (in 2018)

Protesters and Counter Protesters

Chris Bittle Advanced Search