Job Numbers For Refugees – JWR What Happened After She Was Shuffled To Veterans Affairs?

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Syrian Refugee Job Numbers

Disgusting and Despicable

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    What sticks in my craw when I read these articles is that it is always reported that income is much lower than what they really do get or have. The thousands and thousands of Child Tax Benefit given for all those kids is never counted, so we think oh poor them, they don’t get much. Well, they do get a lot. Too much.

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    [QUOTE=”jcorvec, post: 8713, member: 31″]Well, they do get a lot. Too much.[/QUOTE]
    I’m tired of paying for it. I’ve never received the dole in almost 60 years and I’m afraid there will be no CPP for me when I call it it. 🙁

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