Justin Trudeau on Pipelines – 1.6 Billion Spent Today and More!

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Yellow Vests Canada – Protests Scheduled

Trudeau Interview:

Projects approved and built
Always going to be a country that relies on resources
Not getting built in any way
Will they be built in the next construction season
“Gets done in the right way” – this is the line
Marginalize – HARPER!
Brings up bill 69 – will suffocate the project
Heard that concern from many people
Improvement over existing
Tighter timelines that will be stuck to
Saudi oil
Trudeau talks about oil discount and differential
Talks about EI “broad range of solutions”
Evan – they don’t want ei
Under previous conservative government didn’t have right approach on pipelines
Line 3 nex fall?
Saved trans mountain
Energy east doesn’t exist and no project == nothing to talk about

Bernier Certificate

Financial Post – I Know Governments Excuses on Energy East are Bunk

300 Million per month In Saudi Oil
Liberals Announce 1.6b for energy country wide (the real headline is misleading)

Bernier Tweet on Inconsistencies for Canadian oil vs Saudi Oil


Bernier on Globalist Ministers

Mckenna excusing putting other countries before Canada