Justin Trudeau Talks Shutting Down Free Speech To Keep Us Safe. Sure. & Alberta Election

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    [QUOTE=”CanadaPoli-Admin, post: 10744, member: 1″][URL=’https://canadapoli.com/justin-trudeau-talks-shutting-down-free-speech-to-keep-us-safe-sure-alberta-election/’]Continue reading…[/URL][/QUOTE]
    I am so pleased to see you doing vids on the very topic I chase. The dangers of ignoring islam extremist and having ANY political party using their own subjective judgement on whats hate speech.

    eg. Candance Owens had a tiny snip-it of her speech extracted without context or the question she was answering. The stand alone snip-it of course sounds like hate speech if spun correctly. This is how the left plays.

    New drunk driving laws. Your x or your enemy knows your schedule. You get home from work, crack a beer/joint and start the BQQ. About an hour later your x calls the cops and says they seen you driving erratically and clearly impaired. Police show up within the 2 hour window and viola, “put your hands behind your back sir”.

    We’ve see this before with the Blackshirts, Brownshirts, loyalist etc. A culture of fear sweeps the community and everyone self censors to afraid to speak out.

    I implore everyone to watch this one vid. (Ya, ya. I like posting vids). The left have to be saved from themselves.
    2nd one is John Glub’s “The Fate of Empires”.


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    [URL]https://www.therebel.media/ndp-candidate-john-archer-edmonton-south-west-tells-albertans-vote-with-their-skin-colour[/URL] Of course the main media don’t touch this.

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    Alberta election is pretty much the last one before the federal, so a couple of things come to mind…

    What is this about ten days to decide winner in Alberta?
    It would seem that with advances in technology it should be getting faster rather than the opposite.

    Why did the Cons shred the ballots in their leadership election the next day?

    Have heard there are some nefarious voting machines out there, with the company owned by Freeland accomplice GS.

    I think now is the time to get out ahead of these odd things, and just establish some rules that even children would consider fair and reasonable.

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    Shutting down free speech eh Justin Trudeau? Funny though how that doesn’t apply to politicians though does it? They just do it in a more intellectual way. Making comments like calling normal centrists White Supremacists, accusing the opposition leader of false statements and law suits, etc, I could go on and on. No one is allowed to squelch Justin though right? He’s perfect right? We just experience it differently. If you respond to those statements you’re a racist or if you gather in the streets and protest peacefully, you’re a nazi!

    You can’t keep poking a bear then blame the bear for lashing out. There’s nothing I hate more than passive aggressive behaviour. Because it lies and hides behind it’s true intentions and will gaslight the hell out of you.

    The level of insanity here coming from him!!

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    Few things. 1-you shouldn’t quell free speech that calls for violence. You just need to call the police. Quelling ANY speech is not the answer. 2- leadnow is soros funded I believe.

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    [QUOTE=”Anaximander, post: 10758, member: 116″]They should try and “quell” free speech and see what happens. They will be finished in more ways than one.[/QUOTE]
    “They” have been quelling free speech for quite a while now. “They” are still around. Where have you been?!

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    Yuri is an old friend, it feels like. I’ve watched that first video a bunch. And show people as often as they can. Have you seen the rebel’s billboard for Notley?


    that’s how asleep people are. they’re perfectly willing to accept a communist as a candidate.

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    [QUOTE=”CanadaPoli-Admin, post: 10764, member: 1″]Yuri is an old friend, it feels like. I’ve watched that first video a bunch. And show people as often as they can. Have you seen the rebel’s billboard for Notley?


    that’s how asleep people are. they’re perfectly willing to accept a communist as a candidate.[/QUOTE]
    Great post. Just about everyone in that video who disagreed with the reporter resorted to slander instead of debating him in search of the truth. I will bet not one of them checked it out for themselves. It is difficult to deprogram cultists. KEK

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    [QUOTE=”Unibrow, post: 10765, member: 407″]It is difficult to deprogram cultists. KEK[/QUOTE]

    It’s so frustrating. they look normal, and then they start talking or looking all impotently aggressive. Then the indoctrination shines through.

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    I believe that while it lasts, the internet has provided people with the ability to end run around the MSM agenda driven propaganda for those willing to seek out info. and those like this site who want to create content while passing on info. or debating/opining information. If there are those who want others to see past the them vs us vs me vs you cycle (trap), then the internet is what is left to do so. Social media sites and internet search engines are working harder to stop any unity of reason and will against this overall agenda so use it before the noose is tightened on information. With that said, you can lead a horse to water…

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    [QUOTE=”Space Cat, post: 10751, member: 216″]? Funny though how that doesn’t apply to politicians though does it?[/QUOTE]

    14 years if they catch you watching Fox news.


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    [QUOTE=”Space Cat, post: 10771, member: 216″]Gestapo Digital book burning. [USER=83]@deplorable won[/USER]

    Is that Amazons new logo, or NZ’s new flag?

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    [QUOTE=”deplorable won, post: 10772, member: 83″]Is that Amazons new logo, or NZ’s new flag?[/QUOTE]


    Honk honk.

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    [SIZE=7][B] Alberta Election[/B][/SIZE]

    what happins after we open up the markets and the foreign oil companies start all the expansion ?

    [SIZE=4]build pipelines to each of our provinces and build refineries. the extra we make we store it.[/SIZE]
    which is exactly what the States are doing with OUR OIL.

    which will create more jobs then just a stupid pipeline.

    a refinery can be a start of a new town/ city in each of our provinces. or to revitalize a town.

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    id like to add.

    that this would also spear head the shipping industry.
    but instead of relying on foreign companies we could build our own.
    made with ONTERIO IRON and NEW FOUNDLAND and any where else theres IRON

    and we rely on our people to build everything.
    down to how the town architecture.
    and lets build something beautiful people.
    fuck lawns have gardens and animals.
    chickens can eat the bugs and fertiles your garden , just make sure they dont eat your food haha
    as an example

    plant fruit trees in your town. not just trees for the sake of trees.
    my city has chestnut trees.
    i picked them off the ground when they fell from the trees .
    i had to google it because nobody knew what they where
    i kinda thought they where chestnuts but never seen the husk before

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    [QUOTE=”Space Cat, post: 10771, member: 216″]Gestapo Digital book burning[/QUOTE]
    Is that a Quran?


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