Justin Trudeau’s Expulsion of JWR and Dr. Philpott

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Trudeau Announcement

C-74 – Criminal code change

JWR Tweet




0 – 45 – no longer remain part of the liberal team

1:30 – met with them – explain why

1:45 – difficult few weeks, different and competing narratives?

3:26 – outlining how transparent he is. However he ignores the fact he didn’t waive privilege after jwr was ag.

6:10 – every effort to address their concerns?

Bill c -74 had criminal code changes pushed through with no debate on the house floor – JWR’s file modified by Bill morneau
Once the DPA was in place from the 2018 budget bill and c-74 the public prosecutor was able to make an independent decision to use it or not. Roussel declined to use the DPA because SNC did not qualify for it based on the rules passed. Cannot consider economic interest (jobs) as part of the consideration. Division 20 on Bill c-74 or ctl-f “national economic interest”.
On September 4 SNC was notified they would be going to trial by Roussel’s office
Many further meetings between snc and pmo, privy council etc and pressure put on JWR, her chief of staff by multiple members of trudeau’s inner circle from everyone including morneau and his chief of staff to Butts, Wernick and the like.
When JWR still said no they shuffled her out of cabinet
Then they said she was hard to deal with and hard to work with
Then they said that a 20 year sentence had sat because she was not doing her work
Then she testified at justice committee.
Then Justice committee had butts come in and testify
JWR offered to come back, committee shut that down.
Multiple times the minority on the committee requested JWR Return, the committee shut it down
Jwr releases to committee an audio recording and text messages and emails to support her claims
They discharge her from cabinet for recording Mr. Wernick pressuring her to give SNC a deal.
The liberals gave trudeau a standing ovation.
What a disgrace.

6:15 –

6:55 – unconcinable

8:17 – starts his campaign speech

9:30 – climate change plan