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Justin Trudeau’s Position on Immigration is Indefensible, and He Knows It.

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As it's been stated ,at one time we were great friends with the United States. I've heard digs against Mr.Trump from Mr. Scheer and Trudeau , has Mr. Bernier made any comments about his feelings on dealing with the American President.
    He's talked a lot about dealing fairly with the US and about working to get a deal on aluminium and steel (stop dumping chinese steel) and opening up dairy and unwinding the dairy cartel. He was pleading with Trudeau and very hard on Scheer during USMCA negotiations. So yeah, he's come out on the side of 'we should work with our biggest trade partner instead of ignore and malign them." IMO.
It appears that not only our immigration policies are deeply flawed by Trudeau and his band of idiots, billions have been spent on the asylum seekers, illegal migrants keeping some in shelters which homeless Canadians should be in but the latest over the last number of months are staying in hotels. Provinces have every right to demand federal money to off set Trudeau's stupidity. Now the Liberals have been sending voter id cards to illegal migrants/asylum seekers.