JWR and Philpott Address Media Women Turn Back On Trudeau During House Floor Speech

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Turn their backs

Interview with JWR

JWR and Philpott

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  2. CanadaPoli-Admin

    [QUOTE=”Unibrow, post: 10008, member: 407″]. Is that normal for you?[/QUOTE]
    they seem to be messing with me more and more lately. The latest fun trick is to take 3 times as long to process as it takes to upload. It’s not ‘normal’ but it’s been happening. Frustrating.

    You can find me on itunes podcasts / google play podcasts too. 🙂

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    Rosie needs a swift kick in the ass, you certainly could not miss. Rosie does nothing but kiss Trudeau’s ass. CBC needs to be de funded and privatized or simply demolished. I like many Canadian tax payers are tired of funding these clowns at CBC. Rosie and Chantal couldn’t even get hired cleaning toilets in the US.

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    [QUOTE=”CanadaPoli-Admin, post: 10013, member: 1″]they seem to be messing with me more and more lately. The latest fun trick is to take 3 times as long to process as it takes to upload. It’s not ‘normal’ but it’s been happening. Frustrating.

    You can find me on itunes podcasts / google play podcasts too. :)[/QUOTE]
    I noticed that yesterday as well.

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    [QUOTE=”jimj65, post: 10015, member: 298″]Rosie does nothing but kiss Trudeau’s ass.[/QUOTE]
    She’s not shy about it either. All you have to do is mention JT and she gets all wet and glossy eyed. Sickening.

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    [QUOTE=”Anaximander, post: 10010, member: 116″]

    So many anti White Male comments made by these “women” I wouldn’t know where to begin.

    What a fucking joke. Like I’ve said before. These people are 100% turning what used to be non racist people, into racists. I know because the more they pull this shit, the more I am willing to forget that one principle of mine. Used to respect women too. You would have almost-almost been able to call me one of those cucked “white knights”. Never again that’s for sure.

    What a bunch of twats.[/QUOTE]

    I’m bothered that there are no young men here. Is there a day for them? This is great for young women, but why exclude young men?? Why can’t it be Children of the Vote??

    I’m still teaching my son to open doors for women, and to allow them to go first etc. Things are screwy these days, and I agree with what you’re saying but if you happen to be one of those people that believe in tradition, then we have a responsibility to maintain it, if not us, then who?

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    [QUOTE=”Space Cat, post: 10035, member: 216″]I’m still teaching my son to open doors for women, and to allow them to go first etc.[/QUOTE]
    ….and does the “lady” say “thank you” or just walk by in silence as if it expected and her right as a female to have a male open the door. All the gender and racist rights shit is out of hand. I grew up old school with manners and respect. Respect is earned. Give it to get it.

    I don’t think an old school “GENTLEMAN” stands a chance in todays maze of PC or acceptance standards unless “HE” identifies with some special interest group. Hell we are even blamed for climate change.

    Canada, where you can’t fly a straight pride flag without having the country go nuts but, Ottawa City Hall flies the LGBTQ flag and everything is just fucking OK. (i’m getting off track).

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    I went off track too and deleted much more and left it at that. Yes I teach my daughter to respect men as well and say thank you. I think this mess we’re in is going to take a group of woman who stand behind men and demand the change like Karen Straghten (name is probably spelled wrong). I share your frustration.

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    How horrible and sick is our society when men are echo’ing statements like that. I know another user on here has said similar things as you said here.

    I was watching the yt channel My Self Reliance where he was talking about his two daughters in their early 20’s not finding men to date, and apparently they are good looking, well educated and brought up in good 2 parent home. The men aren’t interested at all.

    How can this be fixed?

    I know for my children I want them to have a good marriage like I do. And I also want that for the society I live in.

    If more and more woman abuse privilege and take advantage of men and more men just decide to not bother with them at all…how can we have a functioning healthy society?

    Edit: I don’t mean your horrible and sick btw…I just mean as a symptom of society. I find that sad.

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    [QUOTE=”Anaximander, post: 10049, member: 116″]I still open doors for them etc. I am courteous. But underneath, I usually have no respect for most women I meet. Why should I? These days I just assume they automatically don’t respect me, hate me and can only imagine the things they think about the Straight White Male, when I can I request the bank teller or any other person I am doing business with be a MAN, simply because I no longer trust women – sorta how I don’t trust the Muslims (Ironic I know – Muslim men won’t be served by women because they think they are lesser – I won’t simply because I no longer trust them – Especially when the majority of women in the West would rather defend the REAL RAPE CULTURE (Of Islam) and it’s practicioners, and demonize us white guys – most of which have never harmed a woman in our lives.

    There is no pushback against it, the women who parrot the anti straight white male – “patriarchy” shit still have jobs in National Media etc.. I read something written by an Asian Muslim (From Burnei) the other day. He said “It’s not our fault white women love money so much” – referring to why white women wouldn’t boycott their hotels or some such nonsense. He’s right, so many women who only care about money, power or fame, not worth my time, and not worth my care if I’m seen as someone who doesn’t respect women anymore. I’m also no incel, I’ve had enough sex to last me a lifetime.
    So imo, fuck them. (No offense to u of course) Gonna be a lot of sad-lonely women/girls growing up the next century. (Or maybe not – maybe they’ll get nice Muslim Husbands 😉 Once those like me are gone)

    So I am courteous, but that’s all. Some days I wonder if I should even be that.[/QUOTE]
    AMEN Brother! It’s an interesting study………..It’s one reason old school men are looking to over seas countries for wives. The North American woman pool is just as you pointed out. There are going to be allot of lonely women here but, it’s also due to the increase in hipster men…LOL.

    Story time:

    I lived with a woman of 40 years old for two years in “my house” and paid for everything. Including her car, insurance and fuel while she went school. After I paid off her debits. She started school she got a VISA card that I had no idea about. One day she said I need some money. I asked how much? She said $10,000.00 to pay of her VISA. I said what VISA you don’t have any credit cards…..well they gave me one at school. She had nothing to show for it like a closet full of shoes or something either. I said no. She said there was no sense in us being together if I wasn’t going to help her pay VISA. I said your right. She was gone in 3 days,,,,,on a bus. So where do they learn this?

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