JWR New Book and Bernier Vows Action on Indian Act

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JWR New Book

Jody Wilson-Raybould discusses new book, Indigenous reconciliation during Toronto visit

Bernier Vows Changes to Indian Act


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    I am unaware of the level of autonomy that they have now, however they do get special financial benefits as a group and as individuals simply for who they are and we have to pay for it. That’s not good and thus needs to change. Things can’t stay the way they are now, removing the Indian Act would be good. Interesting tidbit of information, did you know that “visible minority” refers not just to non whites but also non aboriginals. So they’re lumped in with the rest of us. Therefore Canada used to have 0% visible minorities. It’s a very bad category for many reasons, especially because a Pole would still be a minority but because they’re white then they aren’t counted. It’s just a thing that’s used to eliminate what Canada has been for almost it’s entire existence.

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