Letter to the MP – June 5 2018

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Dear MP,

I do not support you or your party, despite voting enthusiastically for Justin Trudeau in the 2015 election.  I will never vote for another Liberal government in my life because of the choices you’ve made over the last 3 years.

Justin Trudeau keep saying that he keeps hearing that Canadians want more immigration.  Let me tell you, and please tell him, NO WE DON’T. More illegal immigration destabilizes our security and puts an unnecessary burden on our tax paying citizens.


How do you reconcile spending taxpayer money to house illegal border crossers in hotels?  How can you continue to support a leader who refuses to enforce our laws? How can you support a leader who refuses to listen when Canadians are begging him to stem the flow of illegal border crossers?  How can you support a leader who prioritizes illegal border crossers over people who are trying to come to Canada through our legal immigration system? The people who play by the rules are being directly punished by Trudeau’s ineffective and weak leadership and people who break laws are spending taxpayer money and complaining that it’s not enough.  Thanks, but no thanks.

This summer Ontario will be sending border guards from one of it’s most busy airports (Pearson) to the Quebec border to help with the flood of illegal border crossers there.  How will that affect tax paying citizens you ask? Well, how about sitting on the tarmac because the lines to get through customs are too long. Our tax dollars at work? C’mon. Here’s the article:


In addition to spending taxpayer money on increasing wait times on airplanes and paying for illegal border crossers to stay at hotels, we are also constructing a refugee camp in Quebec.  

From the article:
“These facilities will consist of heated, ventilated and illuminated heated canvas shelters for 3-season use,” reads the section of the notice on the sleeping quarters. While people crossing the border illegally at Roxham Road will be housed in tents the modular buildings will be used for quarantine spaces as well as toilet and shower facilities.

What message are we sending here?  Are we a nation of laws? Or do our laws only apply to the suckers paying taxes?   

Finally to “help out” the federal government is proposing $100 million in spending, 50m for ontario and 50m for Quebec to help out with this.  

Keep your money. It seems like hush money to shut people up until it’s too late to enforce our laws.  Keep your money and use it to send these people back. They came from the US, send them back there. Or Send them back to their home country.  Jumping the line isn’t fair to our legal immigrants, or to the innocent taxpayers who will have to sit on airport runways, or have no access to a homeless shelter (because already 48% of space is filled to capacity in Toronto with non citizens)


Sir, you are silently presiding over a disaster. Cross the floor. Talk to Trudeau to wake him up. Do SOMETHING. History will judge you, but we are judging you now.  We will not vote for a party that clearly holds Canada in such contempt.


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