Liberal Hypocrisy, Conservative Support and Warming? Where?!?

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Dan Albas on Liberal Hypocricy

Trudeau pushed for Norman investigation

Andrew Scheer on lying Liberals

Scheer’s Support of a Non binding law

1975 – 2019 chart i showed

1975 Broecker

Surface Temp Anomalies

Nasa very sciency video

Libcon Plan

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    Trudeau sticks his nose in everyone else’s business including other countries and now Alabama. Deal with your own country you moron. Lies are piling up Trudeau.

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    [QUOTE=”zombiehoffa, post: 12889, member: 378″]So maybe I’m just retarded but I can’t seem to find where your local channel is.[/QUOTE]

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    [QUOTE=”Cdnguy, post: 12890, member: 5″]Same.[/QUOTE]

    I suspect. That’s the account he did his PPC announcement on.

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