Liberal Policies in Action Play Into “Soft on Crime Libs Law and Order CPC”

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    “Bodily removed” …100%.

    Your previous report Marc, talking about what legal processes we may have to remove/resist this rogue government.. Ok welcome to the reality of … false reality. The more you dig the more evidence you find illustrating that history and everything else we have been lied to about.
    Same thing goes for what we think is a justice system. It’s the Just Us legal system. Lawyers don’t actually work for us, even after we pay excessively for their services. They work for the BAR, which is another jew institution in order to foist terror and control over citizens. It’s also designed with a protective bias for the ‘friends’ of the court like politicians, cops, teachers, wealthy people and new we can add, pedos, violent criminals and illegal aliens.

    The most corrupt court is Family Court. It is nothing more than a service corporation acting under the colour of law, and also operating under an umbrella corporation based in London England. This is through all the Commonwealth corporations .. I mean countries.
    Family Court is nothing more than a contract court and the ‘judge’ is actually supposed to me the administrator and to a point, contract mediator. Who gives the judge the power and jurisdiction to take someone’s kid away..? That should only happen by choice of a jury of the alleged abuser… and the jury should be peers of the this man or woman.

    How about Criminal Court and lawyers? If the accused has enough money they can almost certainly get away with murder. They usually do. Well what the hell kind of justice is that?

    And how do layers become judges? They are appointed by he government. And what did these lawyers do before they became judges? They were successful criminal lawyers that for the most part, got criminals with lots of $$ off the hook.

    Why did the Coutts lawyers need $200K to defend the boys in the last round of kangaroo court? How much $ did they already receive? All they did was strike a deal where the accused pled guilty to something I would bet was not real.

    Show me a good lawyer and I will show you a lawyer who is standing up exposing this corrupt system… and that’s not going to happen.

    How many of our judges are pedos? Asking for a friend..

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