Maxime Bernier Launches People’s Party Of Canada.

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People’s Party Of Canada

Maxime Bernier Launches PPC

6:38 – English Version Starts

For too long canadian politics has been hijacked by interest groups, …

This is why government never stops growing. Liberal government is out of touch and out of control.

We see it in the way they try to get votes. By dividing canadians into tribes that can be bought with privileges and tax payers money.


Canadian politics have been hijacked by everyone and their dog

Who have lost touch with regular canadians.

8:30 Migrant crisis and pipeline approval.

Division of canadians.

9:14 The people’s party of canada

9:30 Smaller government for personal responsibility

Determine their own destiny.

9:55 Denouncing taxes, program and regulations that protect companies from competition

11:17 End of read remarks.

11: 20 – Specific number of immigrants in mind?
Immigration policy will be brought forward later on. Want to debate on this. Want to have a level that will allow people to properly integrated in canada and i said that we should come back to the average under harper. But open to debadging canadians on this.

12:40 – What makes you think you’ll be different than preston manning?
We’re a party who’s a coalition who is fed up with lying politicians. Social networks are new and didn’t exist in manning’s time.
Going to run someone in all 338 ridings.
Want to attract non voters and disenchanted liberals.
Think they can attract socialists by offering to lower prices of staples (removal of cartel)
Removal of business subsidy
Platform based on freedom, respect and responsibility

14:57 – How Many Donors and abiding by election canada’s rules for donations?

Explains limitations by elections canada. Individual donations with a maximum. No loopholes.

16:50 – Canadian Values – is this a coded message with respect to muslims or religious minorities and what do you mean when you talk about canadian values and those who might dilute those values?

Diversity can remain a piller of this country. At the same time i think it’s better to talk about what unites us and equality between men and women.

NOt in favor of extreme multiculturalism, but i want to have immigrants who want to become canadians.

What i’m questioning is the trudeau’s government cult of diversity at all costs – I think we should be promoting what unites us in canada and that’s what i intend to do.

18:45 – Extreme multiculturalism, but what are you talking about? What examples are out there that suggest it’s going too bar?

People coming to canada should be coming to share our canadian values as i said. I don’t think we should be promoting people coming to canada who have extremely different values. Last time i talked about a newcomer who may think that gays don’t have any rights in canada and all gay people should be hanged. If there is one who thinks that way and one who believe in canadian values, i don’t think that diversity is a good thing. I’d rather have 2 people coming to canada who think gay people have a role to play in Canadian society and that they’re an integeral part of our society.

20:00 – What do you say to people who say you’re just doing the same thing as other parties that become extremely populist around the world

If you think that you’re engaging in that, i can tell you that my politics is based on smart politics based on principals. I’m not trying to do politics with a view to exploit the extremes of society. Smart populism based on serious reforms. Serious public policy that are well thought out.

21:13 – You say you want to promote things that unite canadians, do you think that the popularity of universal healthcare that has been one of the things that has united canadians.

I think we can do better in Canada. That’s what i want to do. Private / Public Hybrid services. Healthcare.

22:20 – Would you be arguing for the end of the canada health act.
No, we don’t need to do that to offer private services. The priority is efficiency. Healthcare should be taxed by the provinces and stop taxing individuals for healthcare. We can keep the health act and allow provinces to offer private services to improve our care.

23:42 Will there be a leadership race
No. Lol. A board of directors will be voted on and then will vote on a leader.

People who share our values are welcome. People who do not, are not.

22:49 – Do you anticipate a reaction from the liberals.

We will prove we are a real alternative to the Liberal government. We will show canadians that we are the alternative. We want to be the government in 2019

25:36 – Canadian Values are not being adopted by people coming to this country, Can you prove that?
I’m saying we need to focus on having Canadian values.
So you don’t have evidence that’s not the case now so it’s a solution in search of a problem.
49% of canadians are saying there is too much immigration in canada. Very open to immigration. Let’s have a real debate about that. That’s what i want to do.

25:44- Is there anyone who doesn’t have a place in the people’s party.
Anti Semitic or people who want to eliminate immigration, racist people are not welcome in our party.

28:00 – Some have accused you of hurting the conservative cause
What i’m saying to the conservatives is to join our party.

30:27 – Why do you think you’re the saviour of the conservative movement?
They do a lot of polling on what position to take. For me if an idea is not popular that doesn’t mean it’s not fair and right. And if it’s fair and right even if it’s not popular it’s not wrong just because it’s unpopular. But the cpc is afraid of having these debates.

They try to buy votes in different parts of the country.

Equalization i think we have to open up that debate.

After that when people hear what you have to say, i think canadians will be with us because we’ll be defending fair and right policies.

SM 2 years ago didn’t know anything about it, now ⅔ want to abolish the system.

Trudeau threatening 20% of our economy to protect SM. that’s the difference. We don’t do politics that way.

ONce we talk to people, people are smart. We think we’ll win.

Says Freeland calls POTUS a Tyrant and then goes to negotiate NAFTA.

Rather than doing what scheer and trudeau are talking about we need to sit down with Mr. Trump and seriously negotiate with him. By first of all talking about the abolishing of SM for all of canada instead of threatening many job in auto sector and many other

I can’t wait until he shreds Trudeau and Scheer on the Debate Stage.

34:20 – 49% of canadians think there is too much immigration, are economists and something else wrong? Also if there is no problem you see immigrants coming to canada having non-canadian values, what’s the frame of this debate.
We have a problem with immigrants crossing the border and the feds can’t handle it.

We have to have this debate. Now. What do we want for our country 20 years from now. Let’s have a question about the future of our society. The feds can’t deal with it. They must deal with it. They must sit with Mr. Trump . They’re not credible with their us counterpart on the subject.

35:40 – What would you do differently? What are canadian values to you?

Economic immigration, reunification of family, refugee.

More economic immigrants, less reunification of families less refugee.

36:18 – What are canadian values
Respecting the diversity of people, respecting the rule of law, equality before the law, equality between man and woman. That’s the shared values and we must promote that.

36:50 – Canadian Values you don’t want people coming to canada who want to hang gay people. How do you screen for that?
Continue to have a policy that advocate canadian values . Let’s change the ratio of immigrants. Let’s be open and let’s have a discussion about it. That discussion isn’t happening right now.

37:35 – You ridiculed the idea of Mrs. leaches Canadian Values

We’re going to have that discussion with canadians. We will listen and come forward with our ideas.

37:54 – Will you support a quebec law allowing deportation of immigrants after 3 years?
I will discuss it with the premier if i’m elected.

38:30 – How would you deal with Immigrant who wants to hang gay people
1 I want to have the debate about immigration. Canadian’s haven’t had a chance to have that debate.
2. Promote canadian values and do that better. Promote what unites Canadians as Canadians.

My party will have the discussion and then put our proposal forward

Xenophobic etc, how will you screen extreme candidates?
We are working on our party’s constitution and more will be clear when it’s released

38:55 – Pot Legalization / Mark Emery / Bill c -46

It’s bad legislation. Maybe we can improve the bad law that is on the books.

40:47 Do you believe you should be invited to the leaders debate.
Yes, we are polling at 13-14%. I certainly hope to be included yes.

41:25 – What equalization reforms are you advocating specific to quebec.
The forumula is unfair. Energy is not calculated properly, and one that is more fair. One that will encourage provinces to develop their own resources. More canadians need to know what’s in the equalization payments. I have a more fair formula.

42:30 – Have you spoken to anyone in the conservative caucus?


They’re defending a socialist policy (dairy farmers).

I don’t need hypocritical conservatives in my party. They publicly defend a position they do not privately support.

I’m not going to do things i don’t believe in.

47:55 = Pleasing everyone doesn’t’ work

49:55 – Do you see yourself as a disruptor like Trump or Ford?
Maybe you could compare me to trump with the social media, but that’s it. We are doing something very different. I cannot compare myself to other politicians.

51:55 – Clarify a tweet – People from Nigeria and fly to the united states are not refugee
Solve the immigration problem at the base and fix the safe 3rd country agreement

52:44 – Elections canada requires you to hire 3 officers

Exec has not been hired yet.

Who’s on the payroll
Gives Names

On Canadian Values, how can you ensure that immigrants share our values?

Do you agree with the idea of people being admitted through a values test.

That’s one potential solution. I didn’t say that would be the solution. Let’s talk about it and later i will come forward with a position that i personally advocate.